Recovery from a sociopath through poetry

pexels-field-flowers-28773_350x197Editors note: A Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “arpinsandie” says that writing poetry helped her recover from an involvement with a sociopath. She shares some of what she wrote, in the hope that it will help others as well.

Poem for the Heart Emotion Conscience Less

Do you know what hate is
Do you know what it is to be hated
Do you know where hate fits
Where warm humans love
Hate is in you
Where softness and kindness live
You cultivate destruction
Why do people cry
They are hurt broken bt you
Your charm superficial
Boredom reigns where love should be
A wonderful man to all outside see
The real you ? – Only I see

Cos you cant

You don’t hurt
Cos you cant
You don’t love
Cos you cant
You will never again break me
Never cut me so deeply again
Cos you cant

Poem for the Unfeeling Human

My heart skips now with a happy beat
Not slowed down by lies torture and defeat
Months since I finally broke
I sent him a card in it I wrote
No longer to me you are appealing
No longer will I be concealing
Cheating lies no remorse
Blaming me torturing my soul with brutal force
An abuser confuser loser user
You will never again look into my eyes
The spell is broken
Those eyes have awoken
For I was just another boredom
A victim of your mouth crudely swearing
Your repulsive manipulation overbearing
Finding cheap red lingerie in your bed
I asked over and over no explanation – nothing said
So forever stay away I’m strong
I’m back where I belong
I deserve so much more than a robot
Programmed to mirror devoid of feeling destroyer of a lot
Recovery is hard taking each day empty alone
The raging battle not to answer the phone
You filled my dreams my thoughts pain so very real
Day to day I could no longer feel
Wanted to hear you see you just text
Just thinking what the hell comes next
I walked away vowing to survive
I was so lucky to be alive
Now gone is your control your domination your vanity
Making me out to be the bully in your insanity
Why did I ever out up with a loathsome one
Sentence ended my time done
I would rather take eternity in hell than one second more of your lies
The love I had I now despise
I took back my will and courage I had lacked
The answer for my survival must be to keep firmly and foremost this thought

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