How to recover from a sociopathic partner


If you’ve discovered that your partner is an exploiter, and you don’t know what to think and what to do well, I totally understand. I’ve been there.

That’s why I developed the Lovefraud Recovery Series. These three webinars, each one hour long, will help you comprehend what you are dealing with and figure out how to move forward:

June 16 – Sociopathic Seduction: How you got hooked and why you stayed (If you missed it, watch the recording)

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June 23 – What Did They Want? Psychopaths, antisocials and other exploiters in romantic relationships

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June 30 – Escaping the Sociopath and Rebuilding Your Life

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When you purchase the courses, you’ll be able to access them for six months so any time you need reminders and reinforcement, the webinars are available to help you.

I invite you to join me. I promise you you can recover. This is the first step.


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