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Red flags that a gold digger may have targeted your elderly parent or friend

boomers seniors onlineMany sociopaths (although not all of them) target romantic partners to swindle them out of money. Lovefraud’s research shows that most sociopaths continue their manipulative behavior as long as they live. That means senior sociopaths may target other seniors. They may proclaim their love, in order to access the victim’s money, home or pension.

Jean Mignolet, a private investigator in Florida, where lots of seniors live, recently posted an article about spotting the warning signs of a gold digger. Some are:

  1. Ambiguity — the con artist glosses over important information about temselves
  2. Significant age difference — especially they met online
  3. Moving too fast —rushing important life decisions
  4. Isolation — keeping the target from friends and family

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Everyone over 40 should read this article, because you can count on meeting AT LEAST one scammer, ESPECIALLY ONLINE, if you are over 40!

my neighbor recently re-married..I’ve had (still do) suspicions about what HE really wanted her for..his wife died a year ago, hers has been gone over 4 years; her mother died just a year ago..he moved into her life too fast for my taste, a whirlwind romance..she is SO in love..

both of them, are 73; this romance just went too fast for me; she’s different when he’s around her; I just hope this doesnt end badly.

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