Self-diagnosing sociopathy

A 24-year-old guy described himself in an Internet forum: He doesn’t feel emotion, is an excellent liar, becomes bored quickly, and experiences an adrenalin rush when deceiving or angering someone else. He asks, is he a sociopath?

I’d answer yes. The post is an interesting insight into how a disordered young man perceives himself and others.

Read Self-diagnosing sociopathy on the Dr. Robert forum.

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If not dislike the person, realize that whatever you saw in them is no long there. This happened to me once before.

I am certain I would walk away from the x-spath shaking my head wondering why this guy caused me so much emotional grief. I would go further to say that things would end up just like with Paul. I keep friendly, go out a couple times then it just fades away…


Yep, “fizzles out” as my X spath says…


Curious…fades away because the other person wants it to fade away or because you want it to fade away?

I will also keep using resources from here and elsewhere. This is particularly good:

All sociopaths are emotionally shallow.
All sociopaths are disloyal individuals.
All sociopaths are habitual transgressors (without meaningful remorse) of others’ boundaries.
All sociopaths grossly lack compassion.
All sociopaths lack appropriate shame.
Sociopaths are audacious personalties.

I saw all of the above in the x-spath and none of the above in anyone I have dated since. The only person I know who comes close is, not surprisingly, a Narcissist with whom I maintain my distance.


My X spath also has ALL these characteristics…every one of them and is very blatant about it. It’s unbelievable to me.


And we saw these traits in a relatively short period of time!

I saw his audacious behavior on the third night out with him. Not violent, audacious, something I had never seen before or since.


I the experience with the bisexual guy named Paul, I think the fading away was a little bit of both. First, when I saw I no longer had an attraction to him, I also realized from a friendship perspective there was not much in common.

Right I after I ran into Paul again, he told me that he had started seeing some girl from work. Since I did not approve of his “closet” side, it was further reason for me to keep distance.

Also, I knew of his attraction to men and I guess that once Paul’s relationship with that girl progressed (I think he married her), he want to cuts ties with his gay friends.

My guess is that not many people know the x-spath is HIV+, other than those who might have put 1+1 together like myself. Thus, if I ever did run into the x-spath again, I suspect a situation similar to that with Paul. I would realize there is not long an attraction, might nominally exchange an email or two, but I would keep my distance knowing he is a sociopath, and he would keep his distance knowing I know too much about him, which I really do.

There was also some very scary stuff implied by the profile questions he chose to answer on that dating site.

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