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Self-diagnosing sociopathy

A 24-year-old guy described himself in an Internet forum: He doesn’t feel emotion, is an excellent liar, becomes bored quickly, and experiences an adrenalin rush when deceiving or angering someone else. He asks, is he a sociopath?

I’d answer yes. The post is an interesting insight into how a disordered young man perceives himself and others.

Read Self-diagnosing sociopathy on the Dr. Robert forum.

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LOL! thanks Donna, I always get a laugh at the egotistical rantings of sociopaths.

He does take himself seriously, though, and he is trying so hard to observe himself, but what he doesn’t realize is that he can’t observe himself objectively because he is using the lens of his own perspective. That persective being ego-centric, as all infants have an ego-centric perspective. He is making judgements about who is smarter or better by using himself as the measuring stick. How can a person measure themselves using themselves as a measuring stick? The answer will always be: “hey look, I’m perfect!”

That is the sad part of lacking empathy and being unable to feel from another person’s perspective. It’s such a limiting way to live.

I often wonder, if the spaths were presented with the logical arguement that they are missing out on something by being so narcissistic, if they would then want to change. Wanting to change is the stumbling block that most narcissists encounter. But I don’t think they would want to change because personality disorders are such wonderfully effective security blankets.

I can only imagine how hard it was for people to accept that the world was round and the sun did not revolve around them, when it first became scientific knowledge. I imagine it was similar to the way a narcissist feels: like getting pushed off a pedestal.


I’d answer Yes too. These are classic psychopathic traits he’s describing.

But jeez, who the hell ARE these people on that forum? The next poster was even scarier:

Jennifer: “Expand your horizons! Don’t be a pussy. Whoever said crime doesn’t pay was a moron. Besides, without quality criminals many people would be out of work.”

I’d steer WELL clear of that bitch! She sounds dangerous!


Oh, one curious thing. The “Anonnymous” [sic] guy said, quote: “I have a history of emotional abuse – especially at a young age.” I assume that what he meant was he has a history of BEING emotionally abused. It’s just odd that he put it so ambiguously.

Quite a few known psychopaths do seem to report a history of childhood abuse. I dare say even a psychopath is significantly more prone to abusing others if the same has been done to him or her in the past. I sometimes wonder how far it’s possible for a psychopath to be “neutral”: a “well-tempered psychopath” if you like. That’s to say, without a conscience (as always), but with no special urge to abuse others in any way either. If it was possible, such a person would not draw attention to themselves because they wouldn’t be doing anything particularly blameworthy.


apparently you have not visited the blog for sociopaths. They all talk this way all the time. It’s a type of bravado.

Of course the spaths have been emotionally abused as children. Why do you think they developed a reliance on their PD as a security blanket?


You’re right, Skylar. I never have seen that board before. It’s quite an eye-opener.

I made that point about childhood abuse under the assumption that psychopathy is in large part a brain condition that some people are born with. If that’s true, then some people can be psychopathic but may have had a perfectly benign childhood where they were treated as well as anyone else. How would we expect such a person to develop in those circumstances?


For me what was interesting was my response to reading this young guy’s initial post. I kept thinking to myself ‘Is this someone pretending to be a s/p, like a teenage prank?’.

Then I laughed.

This is what they sound and look like if you are 1. Not entangled with them, and/or 2. On to them. They are caricatures. If they weren’t so effing damaging they would be hilariously BORING. SO alike it is mind numbing. As it is I find it difficult to feel much more than disdain and contempt for them.

I have healed enough to be good and angry.

I love, Skylar, how you likened the personality disorder to a security blanket. SO true. It completely insulates them from what is REAL. Their defense mechanisms shield them from experiencing what is authentic, and responding with variety and elasticity.

This kid sounded like he cut and pasted a blog site description of psychopathy as his post. But in fact they are like that….without genuine individuality. They FAKE being individual’s, by adopting certain social persona’s. But in essence they are in fact without significant individuation.

They have no chance, as Maslow described it, to ‘actualize’. To do that you have to have the psycho-biological resources to find your way to self-observation. That is the only way to become a true self-agent. Being personality disordered seems to be the death sentence of genuine experience, self-improvement, and fulfillment.

This kid will sound just like this 50 years from now.


and a guinea pig is not a prairie dog.


yes, I agree with your assessment completely, but somehow it makes me feel sorry for him too. IMHO, we all have little bits of us that are not completely grown up. Parts of our personalities developed as defense mechanisms to things we were afraid of. And those things stayed like that in us too. The difference is that most of us didn’t get affected in the extreme like the spath has. We ARE still able to observe ourselves a BIT or a LOT more objectively than the spath can. How sad for them to be so limited.


huh? are you okay hens?


I am fine Sky.



Totally agree. Not able to find much compassion…yet. A little. It’s still hard for me not to ‘blame’ my lack of compassion on their deep down evil-spirited meaness and the harm they do.

But I hear you. It is sad. Truly, when I dig down, it is. For them, and for us.

Ah, well…back to self-observation for me!


“To say I feel emotions would be misleading. I can feel frustration, I can be irritable (usually when I feel someone else is getting between me and what I want, be that conflict-less conversation…”

Saw this first hand with my x-spath. Good example, a cab driver was taking us for a bit of a “ride” and I became annoyed with the cab driver and got into a bit of an argument with him. My x-spath became irritable towards me, even though I was in the right.

“I’m an excellent liar…”

Only to the extent that he can charm people into trusting him. My x-spath lied about several things but it was easy for him because I never really questioned him.

“I consider someone a friend if I know their behavioral patterns well enough to know that they won’t betray me…”

Spaths tend to be very untrusting. From my experience now, I would say that people who don’t trust or are unusually “closed” about themselves are no trustworthy.

“If I’m to blame for something, I only feel anger at someone who dares blame me…”

Blame shifting is a core sociopath behavior.

This guy is unfortunately for real.


Slimone: I bet the sociopaths feel that way about us. They think we are caricatures. They probably find our normal behaviour mind numbing. Then they also find it hard to feel nothing but disdain and contempt for us.

I just want to mention that I to feel sorry for many of them. It’s an empty life, as I’ve said before. They are alive psysically, but they have been dead mentally for a long time. Maybe they weren’t even really alive to begin with.

This guy certainly seems like one, and he already seems bored with his life and his post has a hollow feeling. I think he can sense it too, whether he admits it or not. There’s nothing there.

I remember a quote from somebody pertaining to sociopaths: “Something inside him MADE him this way, but at the same time you know there’s nothing good in there.”

Truly sad. I still don’t understand. I could spend my whole life studying sociopaths and still not understand them by the time I die.


Sky –

I married 2 spaths, nine years apart.

Neither was abused in any way as a child. Both were nicely cared for and both have siblings who are not spath.

While I do agree that childhood abuse of any sort MUST impact on spaths (as surely as it does on humans who have this same awful experience) by making them “more spathy” than they might otherwise have turned out, or perhaps less inhibited in their choices to inflict damage on others later in life, I don’t agree that all spaths suffered abusive childhoods and therefore have some kind of an “out clause” for their reprehensible behaviours.

I also believe that many of those who claim to have been abused as children (talking about spaths here, not humans..) were in all likelihood NOT. Maybe not most, but many.

They are the people of the lie – and a jolly good sob story is a jolly good sob story – all the better to reel us in with. Anything as a pity ploy – the more sad and the more tragic, all the better to eat us with….


it’s been so long! It’s good to see you, how are things going for you?

I’m not going to say that all spaths have been abused, only that abuse takes many forms. My oldest (and only normal sibling) would say that we weren’t really abused. Nobody would say we were abused. But we were. emotionally abused and neglected and tormented. I have 2 spath siblings and I’m spath supply. My parents seem like the nicest people. If you met them today, you would NEVER believe they were abusive. But MANY people are narcissists even if they aren’t spaths. Narcissists don’t give love very well, even though they think that they do – and those same people seem soooo loveable (everyone loves and admires my parents today). My parents can’t quite figure out what they did wrong though they readily admit that they were clueless as parents.

It’s just very difficult to tell what a person is like until you’ve lived with them on an intimate level. And even then, you have to know what to look for. I lived with my spath for 25 years and couldn’t see what he was, until the end, when I read about spaths.

His father was a spath, but not one of the 6 sons (now in their 50’s and 60’s know it, because their mom covered for him. He was absolutely evil and she told me before she died. She never told anyone else. The boys still think he was a saint.

Secrets are evil.


and a guinea pig is not a prairie dog.

I was intrigued by that comment as well. Was it accidentally posted under the wrong topic or something?

I don’t have any trouble myself telling a guinea pig from a prairie dog. I see prairie dogs around our house all the time. Now and then you can catch sight of one out of the front window. Even when there’s none in sight, the ground is riddled with their little holes. But I’ve never seen a guinea pig around the place. The previous occupants of the house did leave us a hamster. But no guinea pigs.

My mother used to sing a couple of lines from a song that went:

How can a guinea pig show he’s pleased
If he hasn’t got a tail to wag?

I’ve never heard that song anywhere else, except from her. I did try googling it and found it has a few more lines, but nobody seems to know where the song came from, or when.


Spaths tend to be very untrusting. From my experience now, I would say that people who don’t trust or are unusually “closed” about themselves are no trustworthy.

Somewhere—I forget where, but I’ll probably stumble across it again some day—I recall hearing about a clinician who was testing subjects for psychopathy by asking them to explain the meanings of words. Generally a psychopathic person had no trouble describing what ordinary words meant, like “chair,” say, or “star.” This included abstract words, like “deafness” for instance. But when the researcher started on words with more emotional connotations, the typical psychopath had more difficulty, started to hesitate, and seemed less certain about the meaning.

For obvious reasons, “love” was one of the words that psychopaths hesitated over—though as a word it’s not necessarily meaningless to a psychopath. I saw an excellent post on this board not too long ago—maybe it was Donna’s?—describing “what psychopaths really mean when they say ‘I love you.'” So while the word “love” caused difficulty to some psychopaths, it did not present an insuperable problem. But the word that REALLY caused a problem for at least one subject was the word “trust.” He struggled with the word for a minute or two, then he literally gave up. He couldn’t assign a meaning to it at all. “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s just a word.”

“Just a word.” Incredible! Since psychopaths have a relative absence of fear, that may have something to do with the difficulty this guy was having. Perhaps if they don’t experience much fear, it’s harder for them to envisage the opposite, the banishing of fear that comes with the ability to “trust.” What was curious was that the guy on that Dr. Robert forum did say “I consider someone a friend if I know their behavioral patterns well enough to know that they won’t betray me.” That means he must have some knowledge of the concept of “trust,” in an abstract sense. Again, I suspect it’s the emotional dimensions of the word, and the “warm fuzzies” that come with the notion of “trust,” that defeated this other guy.


This concept of the spath not trusting is very interesting to me. I had one actually tell me that she didn’t trust that many people; that she didn’t let many people into her world. And the X spath never said outright he didn’t trust people, but I just kind of got that feeling.

It all makes sense to me because I imagine if they know they are duping everyone they meet, why is everyone not trying to dupe them? I am sure they feel like they can’t trust anyone. They want to be the one who inflicts harm before it’s done to them.


Hi gorgeous Skylar! xx

You are right – I’ve barely here been the past few months, other than one or two quick “hit and runs”. Quite a few things are coming to a head all at once for me.

I began my graduated “return to work” program about 8 weeks back. My doctors are only allowing me to do 6 hours a week and even then it is spread over 3 days. I feel a bit pathetic, but Fibro IS what is IS and I have to be a good girl and do as I am advised to give this the best chance of working. I am so much enjoying being with the children at school again; I missed them very much after being away for over a year. To be honest, I couldn’t handle more than 6 hours right now – even that is making me soooooooooooo tired.

Plus – the Family Court sage continues. It’s been one adjournment after the next for months now, while the Superspath (whose whole idea this “let’s go to court and play silly games and try to do Aussiegirl’s head in” charade was in the first place) endlessly comes to court unprepared and having not complied with any of the orders that the court keeps making. So – he starts the game and then he keeps it dragging out as long as is humanly possible and for no good reason – now THAT doesn’t sound at ALL spathy, does it?!?

At least now the callover hearing has been set. That is day 1 of what looks set to be at least a 3 day trial. The first day is separate – it’s to make sure everything is in order before the evidence is heard and the judgements are made. It begins in 3 weeks time and I wont know the date for the trial proper (the 2 days of arguments) until after the callover takes place.

Nervous times; watch this space to see whether Aussiegirl has anywhere to live after the trial, or whether Wallace and Grommett, the magical dancing sheep have been shipped off to live at the circus, where they will need to perform all manner of ovine clevernesses to earn their keep.

“Nobody would say we were abused. But we were. emotionally abused and neglected ….and I’m spath supply. My parents seem like the nicest people. If you met them today, you would NEVER believe they were abusive. …Narcissists don’t give love very well, even though they think that they do ”“ and those same people seem soooo loveable…. My parents can’t quite figure out what they did wrong …”

Ah yes! There you are again, singing my life with your words….

I totally agree with the inability of Ns to acknowledge or understand what it was that THEY did to stuff us up.



People who are trustworthy, trust.

My spath scolded me all the time for being too trusting. Little did I know he meant I shouldn’t be trusting HIM.



Of all the traits the dating site “profiled,” other than being “less well-read,” he was “less trusting.”

I believe spaths are less trusting because they know they are doing things that do not make them trustworthy, such as having multiple relationships or lying about the past. They are not honest because they are afraid that if they are honest, they will lose their current target.

My x-spath lied about his use of recreational drugs. My mistake was believing him, since my experience is that 99% of those in the gay community who both smoking and drink also use recreational drugs.

He played very innocent and reserved with me. My mistake was believing his act. No 30-something gay man is very innocent.

By giving me some details about his broken home and growing up poor, he led me to believe that he was showing trust in me. My guess now is that he only told me those things to prevent him from really questioning his past.

To that, I have a strong suspicion he may have been involved with some sex crime, my guess sex with a minor.


They are paranoid because they intend to screw you over and they expect that you will want revenge eventually.

That was one of the biggest red flags I should have heeded. Instead, it just became a WTF? moment and I filed it away.

He didn’t want me to know where his friend Harry lived but I already did and he didn’t know. One day, we were to meet in town and I saw him coming from the oppostie direction than Harry’s house. He had circled around to try to deceive me. I simply asked him why he had done that. His answer was: “I didn’t want you to know because you’re the type of person who might want revenge on me someday.” HUH? WTF?

I asked, “why would you think that of me?”
He replied, “you’re kind of crazy in some ways.”
God, how I wish I’d known then, what I know now.
The WTF? moment is the biggest red flag.



Mine told me that I was “too intense for him” then stormed out of the restaurant on him…

Not only a WTF moment, but a but hypocritical, no?



Yeah, I never thought about it before…this trustworthy thing. But it makes soooo much sense now.

Yep, that is exactly why…your X spath knew he was duping you and was “telling” you that you are too trusting. Geez. We were all so taken, weren’t we?

This is one out of many huge red flags I will look for in the future. It just never occurred to me before that the untrustworthy wouldn’t be trusting of other people. Makes me look at myself and realize that I am trustworthy and that is why I trusted everybody; I never saw any reason to question people; I always took people at face value. No more. Wow, I was stupid. The OW in triangulation with me told me things like people had to gain her trust…she didn’t allow too many people in to be her friend…that people had to earn it. I do understand that, but looking back, it’s because she knows she lies and manipulates everyone. How could I have been so blind? I’m a smart person!!



Definitely hypocritical. Just trying to turn everything on you.


Craziest moment I ever had in my life while on a date.

All because I asked him back to my place after dinner. Then the “reserved and proper” act outside while i was trying to do damage control.

I cannot believe I fell for that one. I was so taken back. To this day, I wonder if I asked him what was really going on would I have gotten a straight answer…



You would not have gotten a straight answer…no way. They just don’t operate that way.



I guess you are correct. It gets better. I swore him off after that caper then I won’t say he love-bombed me, rather it was more like text message and email bombing.

His renewed interest in me caused me to think that maybe he was for real — a proper and reserved British guy.

So, he is coming back to my area the following week but staying outside the city. I told him I could easily hop on a train and come visit him.

He is immediately concerned. “How will you get home?” I told him I would take the train home. He did not understand, as trains in the UK do not run 24X7 like in NYC…

Thus, he was clearly concerned about me being at the Hotel with him…



I know, don’t you hate that?? They did things that made us believe they really did care about us. The very last night I was ever with my X spath, he started asking about my mom and my brothers, etc. Seemed all concerned about my mom and about how she was getting her groceries, etc. He had NEVER asked about my family like that; seemed genuinely concerned. He was worried that I was cold; wanted to make sure I was warm, etc. And then…I didn’t hear from him in four months! I was devastated. And then when he came around again, it was the same thing. Asking me if I was OK and contacting me all the time; telling me he could see himself with me, blah, blah, blah. And then it all disappeared again, too. WHAT is wrong with them??? It is so disheartening.

So I know what you went through. It’s the push/pull.



I spent my last night with the x-spath in a hospital. I was very sick and it was he who pushed me into going.

The next day, he dumped me via email…



That is so sad 🙁 Unfeeling bastards. We are just so giving and they are so mean and just don’t care. Sigh.

So sorry you had to experience that. It is enough to last a lifetime that is for sure.



Wow, your spath was quite a plotter.

He knew.



Many of us are left by a spath at an inopportune moment — its because when many of us are at a low, we are no longer of any value to them.

However, in my case there was more than just that. As I have said, I touched too close to the one issue he was hiding the most — his HIV status.

So, my theory is I was of value to him since I had not raised the HIV issue. In fact, there was much to my story at the time that might have led somebody to believe I was HIV+.

I was sick, in retrospect I looked sick, I was not rushing into sex with him. That all changed the night in the hospital when the doctors thought I *might* be HIV+, the implication being up to that point I was not.

I thought I was dumped for very obvious reasons: I was sick and just hit this “reserved” British guy with a bombshell.

In reality, the opposite was true. I got hit with the “bombshell” a couple weeks later…



So when he thought you were HIV+, he got scared and ran. But you think he is HIV+, yeah?

Ox Drover

Dear Aussie girl,

WELCOME BACK!!!! Missed the heck out of you and wondered what the heck was going on in your life. Glad to know you haven’t left us for good….I must know the REST of the the story!

You are going into winter as we have turned into HELL ON EARTH here with heat, storms, but no rain in most places, and too much in others….I am in the spring floods, tornadoes and now summer furnace with NO rain.

Glad you are able to get back to a bit of work! You talked about kids in school, are you a teacher? I had forgotten if I ever knew. CRS.

Well, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Don’t stay gone so long, we miss your sage advice! (((Hugs))) and Love Oxy



Actually the opppsite. I strongly suspect he is HIV+ and was acting on the assumption I might have been, given all my health problems.

Thus, when I told him the doctor thought I might be, the implication was that up to my last test, I was not.

He ran not because he feared HIV, he ran from my honesty.

Ox Drover

You know I read this post on the thread and I am not sure if this guy is “for real” or not….I would almost flip a coin to decide if he is or not.

I have never known of a single narcissist or psychopath (and all Ps are very narcissistic) who was that much into introspection…unless you count Sam Vaknin, and I’m not sure he really is, I think he just fakes it more than internalizes an introspection.

Now, I know my P son thinks he is the smartest person in the world, and IQ-wise, he IS smarter than 99% of people, but emotional intelligence he is not all that bright, I would put him in the the BOTTOM 25% on that one….even though he is able to CON folks I’m not sure he really understands how normal people think. Most people are repulsed by the uncouthness of his mouth and his come on….ditto with my P sperm donor, but when he got very wealthy some would still pander to him because of his money. My P son hasn’t got the street smarts and emotional intelligence to stay out of prison much less make a fortune. LOL

Some psychopaths are pretty high in emotional IQ and in the “love bombing” and manipulation….and can stay focused enough to get an education and to get and maintain a professional career. (Politics any one?) LOL but so many of them are more into low-life, street thugish mooching off others petty con games.

I’m still not sure if this guy is for real or just pulling our legs. He might actually be one, but I don’t think he really CARES if he is or not if that makes any sense.



OK, I get it. Thanks for clarifying that for me!


Oxy, on the sociopath blog, many times a poster will talk like that, so this post doesn’t seem that unusual. At that age, the spath acknowledges that he is different in a “superior” way to other humans. From reading on the internet, today’s spath can “diagnose himself” or basically figure out that there is a word for what makes him different. That’s why I do actually think he is a spath who is looking for feedback, though not necessarily the feedback he professes to want.

I remember when my troubled niece was 15, right before she ran away from home, she called me. I barely knew her since she’s always lived in a different state, but she felt lost and desperate so she called me. Some of the things she said, were, “What do you think about me?” What do you think of me?” “Do you think I’m Borderline?”

She wanted feedback and her focus was on understanding herself, as seen through other’s eyes because her own narcissism was blocking her ability to see it. So she had to ask. She was asking everyone the same questions.

BTW, she’s better now, but still sort of self-centered.



This is the root of why I have such a hard time with the whole thing. It was all so bizarre, in several ways.

First and foremost, me thinking I lost him because I was honest about HIV, but from the wrong perspective.


Aw shucks Oxy! I feel and warm and mushy now…. xx

It’s FREEZING here – not the snowy kind of freezing you guys get, but still icy bitey wind-blowing-right-through-your-bones kind of cold. Big storms yesterday, gale force winds, thunder that shook the house and lots of lightning. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I am glad of the rain but have to admit that I almost went outside last night around midnight with a torch to check my chookies. The silly things wont use any shelter, they prefer to perch in the orange trees. I thought I would find them all drowned this morning, but they are just fine and dandy.

I have no intention of disappearing from LF – I’ve just been really ill and soooooooooooooooo tired again lately. The stupid Fibro has had me mixing my words up and slurring my speech and struggling to describe things again lately. I haven’t been like that since I was diagnosed last year; for the first few weeks that I was like it, I actually worried it was early-onset dementia of some kind. At least this time around I am not panic-stricken every time my mouth and brain aren’t on speaking terms….

Not a teacher per se Oxy – I’m an Education Assistant. Kind of an over-evolved version of the old-style “teacher’s aide”. We do much of the same work with the kids but are paid a fraction of a teacher’s salary, as we do not have the same level of qualifications as they do.

You will definitely get to hear (read) the “rest of the story”. The end is very much in sight now, as far as the court case goes.

I’m not sure that once that’s over, he has anything else he can play with. He has already tried –
1. to have me sacked from my job – didn’t work
2. to have me excommunicated from my spiritual group – didn’t work
3. to slander me to my friends – didn’t work
4. to make me homeless – hasn’t worked so far and is highly unlikely to.
Short of burning my house down or killing me and/or all of my animals, what else is there for him to do?

So – I wait for it to be over.



Yeah, that was all too bizarre. Wow. How long were you two together?

Ox Drover

Dear Aussiegirl,

Well tell me what a chookie is? Chickens?

I think I could stand some cold weather right now! LOL Summer is only a few days started on the calendar, but it is a month old with the weather being HOT and DRY here….US has had horrible storms this year and tornadoes (whirl winds) all over the place and in ODD places that don’t usually have that kind of storm. Many people killed, and floods as well. Now the DRY and HOT.

Well, don’t get paranoid, but be cautious GF, if he runs out of other things to do he may try number 4….they are capable of anything!

I am glad that you are able to go back to work a bit though, that will help you get your pegs back under you.

Keep in mind that depression and PTSD as well as fibro also cause short term memory problems and pain, and just cause you got one of those three problems doesn’t mean you don’t have the others as well. Research is showing that the trauma (emotional and physical) that we have had literally chemically changes the brain and physically changes the connections between the neurons.

I felt literally RETARDED after the plane crash and stayed that way for months, only very slowwwwwwly getting any better and it will be 7 years this july since the crash and 4 years since the “summer of chaos” and I still have ST memory problems and focus problems….I am considerably better than I was at first but not even close to where I was before the crash.

It was hard to be patient with myself (and still is to a degree) but I’m getting better at treating myself well for my ST memory problems. I know it can be frustrating and especially when I am talking to someone and there is a word I can’t find, or I tell a story twice to the same person.

I would go back to work in a heart beat if I could, not only for the money but for what it would do for me. Unfortunately at my age and with the ST memory problems, not gonna happen.

Give your woolly critters a pet on the head for me and I’ll tell my Heeland coos your critters said “hello” –mine are docked in the pond like so many ships lined up against the shore during the hot days.


Ox –

Yes, “chooks” is slang for “chickens”; and as I am a soppy thing, I call them “chookies”.

I’m so glad that none of those nasty tornadoes came your way – it’s been so sad watching it all on the news : (

My PTSD HAS been yukky again the past few weeks and I think there’s a direct link between that and my temporary “speech impediments”. It’s so disheartening when you think you are over that bit of it and then it comes back to get you. On the up side, at least I know that it will eventually pass, because I’ve already had that happen once before; I just try to focus on the fact that I won;t always be like this. xx

Ox Drover


I actually STUTTER sometimes and I have never done that before. It is llike stage fright almost if I am talking to a stranger…it is frustrating though!


Honestly, to me, this 24 year-old person sounds to have taken his shpeal straight from a book that lists the characteristics of a Psychopath. Period.


Oxy –

Yep. Me too. Despite having had such lovely enunciation all of my life. I was petrified until I learned it was part of the PTSD and also that you can have periods of it with Fibro.

Now when it happens, I can at least laugh it off.

Ox Drover

Yea, Eden, that is kind of what I was thinking too….it just sounded too pat. Not that he might not actually BE one, I just don’t think he or any P that I have personally known would “label”themselves that or actually SEE what they are. But, I haven’t known every one in the world who is a P so maybe this guy is another Sam Vaknin. LOL

lesson learned


You may not be able to go back to work in exactly the same venue as before………..

But have you ever thought about TEACHING? Even with the ST, etc?

At a community college perhaps? We have several retired Nurses and docs who teach at our Community College?



Yes, Ox! I concur. They don’t/cannot see it that precisely.

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