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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 25: DETOX

Can you unfriend yourself on social media? Well, me neither. We are stuck with the relationship with ourselves no matter how toxic we get! Some of us need to detox our contact list and some of us need mind, body and soul detox, like a mental enema. See, if you are thirsty and I hand you a glass, telling you it’s clean water, you will probably drink it with no problems. If, however I tell you I just filled the glass from the sewer, there is no chance you will ever touch that glass. What if you drink it without me telling you it’s from the sewer and find out about it later? Well, I would throw up too…

I guess we have both been there if you are reading this article – you have been drinking from a glass thinking it’s pure, alkaline water. Like me, you found out it was rotten and full of parasites, but it’s late, we have already consumed that dirty liquid and found out it was contaminated later. What do we do? Well, naturally, we can clear our system from toxins, but it doesn’t happen overnight, like the contamination itself.

We can take small steps every day to detox our mind and body. This practice is one of the examples of how we can enable our body help us in this process gradually. We could make similar exercises like the one suggested in the video a habit, especially body twists that enable us to breath out toxic energy and clear our mind. Challenging our body with exercises that will enable its growth will leave no space for any negative feelings or emotions to foster. Happy detoxing!

Oh, and if you have a dog that watches you do a puppy pose, be careful, they get excited! Just saying…

Here is the entire Self-Love and Healing video series – to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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