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She was diagnosed as bipolar, but she is definitely personality disordered

Spath TalesLovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Kenny18.”

I was targeted, lied to about her past regarding previous relationships, she contacted me while she was dating someone else, I was love bombed, she moved in, tried to isolate me from my friends and family, she was rude to my family, she was verbally and physically abusive to me, she told me on multiple occasions that she hated her 8-year-old son and wished she never had him, in earshot of him, she vandalized my truck, the list goes on.

Before she physically assaulted me, she asked me, “Who gets the house in case something happens to you?” I replied “my family,” since she was living with me for less than a year. She proceeded to push, slap and punch me, trying to provoke me in front of her son and her son’s friend, two 8-year-old boys.

If I hit her back, I would have been arrested and thrown out of my own house. I took the boys out of the house and to safety.

No apology, no remorse, she proceeded to call and text me and harass my family after she assaulted me.

I did get her out of the house. I gave her $1,500 to help her move and paid for the moving van.

I had the charges reduced to a violation so she could keep her job. She was not appreciative and tried to manipulate me to drop the charges.

She had an assault charge originally, and I worked with the assistant district attorney to have it reduced to a harassment violation, no jail time or fines. I wanted her to keep her job. She just had to leave me alone.

Then she manipulated her mother and oldest friend (former friend) saying she was facing jail time because of the harassment charge. I called the assistant DA the next day, and he reiterated to me that there was no jail time, she just needs to show up to court, get charged for harassment, a violation, and sign the full order of protection.

She did not show up to the first court date, some excuse about work and not being able to afford an attorney. She showed up to the second court date, and was charged with the violation, signed the full order of protection and no fines.

After she moved out, she vandalized my truck on my birthday. The state police investigated her vandalizing my truck and were not able to prove anything since there was no evidence. The state police told me that they think she did it and she is a good liar. The damage done to my truck was a felony charge.

A few months later she was charged with felony drunk driving with her son in the car. Talk about Karma. Thank God her son was not hurt.

It did not take her long to find another target. I am so happy to have gotten out of that relationship; she could have ruined my life.

I have a full order of protection and no contact is a blessing. After I ended the relationship, my friends told me about her history, cheating on her former husband and provoking a former boyfriend and having him put in jail.

She admitted to me kicking down a former boyfriend’s door after he asked her to move out, and leaving another former boyfriend 2,000 miles away from home in a state of devastation. She also admitted to me withholding sex from her former husband and shooting heroin while being a single mom.

One thing I did forget to mention was pregnancy entrapment. Last year she tried to get pregnant without my consent. She was pregnant in July, then “miscarried,” was pregnant again in August and “miscarried” again, and would get angry with me when I wanted to use birth control. Usually abusive men do it to women for control, and that goes for abusive women too.

I think my experiences with her and her past clearly depict a sociopath. She was diagnosed as bipolar with anxiety, but she is definitely personality disordered.

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