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Useless advice on how to spot a lie

The Daily Mail just published a silly article in which a psychologist explains how to tell when someone is lying.

The behavioral psychologist, Jo Hemmings, dispenses all of the usual and useless advice about watching for microexpressions, lack of eye contact, convoluted explanations and changes in behavior.

Okay, so the advice might work for spotting a normal person who is uncomfortable with lying. It will never work for spotting a sociopath who lies like he or she breathes.

In fact, the article is accompanied by a sidebar in which new research published by Edinburgh University finds that it is hard to spot a liar. Why? Because liars may intentionally suppress the tell-tale signs of lying!

Finally, the real reason for the article appears: It’s a promo for the movie Ocean’s 8, in which female con artists plan a sophisticated heist at the annual Met Gala in New York City.

Ha! The whole article was a lie.

How to spot a liar: Behavioral psychologist expert reveals the tell-tale signs of a bluffer – from your partner to someone you’ve just met, on


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