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“Reverend” Tony Alamo, Pedophile and Conman, Finally Convicted for His Crimes

By Ox Drover

My own personal opinion is that most humans, as a species, have a component that comprises “spirituality.” Evidence from some of the earlier cultures of our species when our ancestors were still living in caves indicate that these people had some idea that there were unseen gods or spirits in the heavens or in their worlds.

I think for many of us our spirituality is also part of our healing path and helps us to set a moral compass to follow in our actions and thoughts. Most of the sacred writings of several belief systems I have read all indicate that kindness to others, charity, and doing good to your fellow man is primary to following that belief. Though history and ancient evidence also indicate that some belief systems at least in the ancient past induced their followers to sacrifice their children by burning them before the altar of the idol, or offering blood sacrifices of captured enemies to the deity, those seem to be in the minority of belief systems.

Unfortunately, today there are many psychopaths who take advantage of what I believe is human nature to believe in something “higher than yourself” and to seek some one or some way to “contact” that “higher power.”

Tony Alamo presented himself as one of these “prophets of god” starting, along with his wife, Susan, preaching to the downtrodden in California, but eventually recruiting these people who fell under their spell, to work for them in profit making enterprises.

Alamo and his wife Susan came to Arkansas where they made the local news when after a losing bout with cancer, Susan’s body was kept above ground for months, with Alamo claiming that he was going to raise her from the dead. Even after he failed in the task of raising Susan from the dead, those disciples under his emotional and spiritual control did not desert him en mass.

Alamo’s many illegal antics attracted the ire of the IRS and he was convicted of tax fraud and spent about four years of a six-year sentence in federal prison. Though there was a great deal of information coming from those who had left Alamo’s discipleship that his “church” was sanctioning polygamy and underage sex with young women and girls as young as nine, Alamo, subsequently managed to stay un-indicted for these alleged crimes until recently when he was arrested while fleeing from authorities.

The judge ruled that he would not be allowed bail and six minors were removed into foster care from his compound and from his followers. Alamo was The Barely Legal Empire of Tony Alamo by Maria Luisa Tucker, May 13, 2008.

I am relieved that this man is finally behind bars, apparently forever.

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super chic

Amen!! I also think a lot of people in today’s world are trying to take away that moral compass, so people don’t have to be responsible for anything, not judged–even by society.

Ox Drover

Be sure and read the link to the Village Voice “The barely Legal Empire of tony alamo” it is really a great article and tells all the “nitty gritty details” of his frauds as well as some of the other stuff besides the crimes he was convicted on…which is enough, but the other stuff is sooooo indicative of psychopaths in general, more of them are “crooks” than MONSTERS. I think Alamo qualifies as a MONSTER. hIS SWAGGER each day on the “perp walk” which was shown on the nightly news during the trial made me want to puke!!! There is justice sometimes, even if LONG DELAYED and Alamo’s was definitely long delayed, but like Bernie Madoff, he is in for the “duration”—I hope!

I hear today that they let the guy out of Scotland’s prison, the one who bombed the airliner over scotland on “humanitarinan” reasons….he has prostate cancer and only a few months to live. SO WHAT, did he give the occupants of that plane any compassion? He should have been hung by the toes—uh oh, back on my soap box again. LOL

super chic

I read the Village Voice article, he’s disgusting, married an eight-year-old? Sold donated items for profit? The threat he made against Nancy Grace… it just goes on and on, I want to puke just reading about him. It flashed in my brain that I got one of his pamphlets on the windshield of my car — years and years ago. Weird. I pray he stays in prison, he’s full of rot, if you touch him rot would run out.






This allexus 8sounds likea total fruitcake at the very least! Ive contacted Donna re these 2blogs from him. Doesnt he know that capital letters mean you are shouting?He sounds barely literate.By the way, full stops are there for a reason. Period! Gem. Probably best to ignore him and he’ll go away.[hopefully.}

truth is

This whole hate, lie and slander campaign against Pastor Alamo is coming from the Vatican Rome using its secular one world government and Satans mouth the media.
It amazes me the herd of Americans that just turn on the idiot box and like a sponge absorb the filthy rotten lies the media puts out. Americans think the TV and their talking heads are god! It’s time to open up your KJV bible and read people. We are in the endtimes here. Wake up! Repent! and believe God who is his word.
This man said it quite well.


One night, probably in 1880, John Swinton, then the preeminent New York journalist, was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft. Someone who knew neither the press nor Swinton offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton outraged his colleagues by replying: There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

Pastor Alamo is innocent! And all these blogs just further the fuel against his bible believing church in order to destroy these families by stealing their children and trying to close down a true work of God.

Here is a letter from one of the false accusers FATHER.
To Whom It May Concern:

My daughter, Desireé Kolbek, has called me on many occasions asking me to forgive her because the government didn’t keep their end of the bargain. She said she knew she went too far with all the horrible things she said regarding Tony and me, and that there was nothing she could do about it nor could she get out of what she had already done.

She stated in the last year, in many different phone conversations, how she wanted to keep me out of this—knowing that the FBI threatened—at gun point to take my life and Tony’s. Therefore, she thought that by helping to bring Tony down, it would spare me, her mother, her brothers, and sister.

Now, as stated before, she has begged for forgiveness because she didn’t realize they were lying to her.

Desireé didn’t leave the church because of any physical or sexual abuse, she left because she knew I was coming through town and she didn’t want to be confronted about her disobedience and unruliness.

I am sickened by the government using, and I mean “using” my daughter, making deals with her. They are destroying what is left of her. She is frail and weak minded and they are playing on that.

John Kolbek

You people need to STOP RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION AND THIS HATE AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF GOD AND THEIR PASTOR, CHURCH AND CHILDREN! 36 children were stolen, some at gun point and NO ABUSE was found! They have the Pastor in jail and they still will not return the children! This Vatican government does not care about it’s people! They burned alive those children in Waco, TX the Branch Dividians and they are out to destroy American, Christianity and anyone who gets in their way.
Go to
and STOP this HATE!!!!
In Jesus mighty name we pray!

Ox Drover

I didn’t mean to start an attack on LF by Alamo’s followers! I guess they must be keeping an eye out for anywhere his name turns up on the Internet.

In any case, my point is proven I think, that in spite of evidence, like him being UNABLE TO RIASE HIS LATE WIFE SUSAN FROM THE DEAD, and other documented things, he still has followers. I actually heard a newscast at the time Susan was being held above ground FROM HIS OWN MOUTH that he was going to raise her from the dead—when he failed some of his followers departed as well, but some stayed, and like many religious groups where a “single man/prophet” is at the forum, others came and went.

I think the above posts are examples of cult and trauma bonding and unfortunately, logic, reason and law do not apply in trying to reason with people who have their minds made up and are bonded to their abuser, as WE OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW–the more the abuser is unmasked, the harder the victims defend them. Jesus himself stated that there would be “false prophets” arise and lure many away from His doctrine of love. Several of the passages where Paul wrote to Timothy have recently been quoted on this site, listing the qualities of psychopaths and “false prophets.”

While the people who support Alamo (or whatever his name really is) are in my opinion angry and enraged and striking out at others, I personally pity these people, as I pity the people at Branch Dividian, and at Jonestown who paid for their beliefs with their lives. I see too, that I was also caught up in the “cult” of my egg donor’s “religious teachings” which I think now were contrary to not only good sense but to the teachings of the Bible itself. Having finally had my eyes opened to the truth, I realize I was just as deluded as any of the followers of any cult-like religion. Admitting I was deluded was very painful to me, it went against everything I believed to realize that my egg donor was a liar, and had twisted religious belief to keep me under her control of FEAR, OBLIGATION and GUILT that if I did not follow her dictates I would lose my immortal soul. All we can do, I think, is to pray for these people that the scales fall from their eyes. Arguing with them or anyone else who strongly holds an attachment to a psychopath is totally an exercise in futility.


Thanks for this Oxy:) I read the article, it also made me want to puke. I find it incredible how strong these cult/trauma bonds are, how people en mass can be duped into allowing their own children to be fed to MONSTERS.

this quote from Alamo says it all.

“You get a young girl and you get them mad at you, they’ll lie that you’ve had sex, that you’ve raped them or something. This is just the nature of women, especially if you don’t continue to have relationships with them. They will leave, and they will tear you to ribbons with their lying tongues.”

What kind of crazy person would say or think this about women or girls? Oh, I know, a misogynistic sociopath who blames his victims for not being complicit in his depraved exploitative and evil behaviour.

They all do this, if you see the mask slip and come to your senses you are branded a liar/crazy/vindictive person with sour grapes. And it keeps working for the ba****ds. How many of our own dear sociopaths actually hooked their next victims using the story that the previous victim was just bitter and crazy and ‘out to get them’ because they were ‘rejected’? YUK!



Oxy, I dont think we need to worry about being ‘put off’ by supporters of any of the MONSTERS we talk about here, Its so important to share the information we all have and highlight the ways in which sociopaths operate in our neighborhoods, families and across the world. When their supporters show up here (whether melllisae, or these guys above or poor Biddy trying desperately to support HER monster in the face of overwhelming evidence) it serves as an example of the damage and mind control these creatures are capable of and illustrates the depth of their evil effect. Knowledge=power:)


And yes, it is a reminder to all of us, who have also at one time been in the ‘thrall’ of such creatures.

Ox Drover

Dear Blue, I read that quote too, and I thought it sounded like the guy who robbed a clerk and dennied being there, then says “I should have shot that snitch!”

Kind of like, “I did NOT have sex with that woman!” LOL


LOL! They come in all shapes and sizes but they sing the same old tune:)x


Either we need to imbibe more in the ‘pulpit juice’, or someone needs to drink less of it!

Ox Drover

I have NEVER seen a cockier guy on a perp walk, he was so thrilled with the attention he got. Before the trial started his hair was BLACK but by the time he was done, his hair was white and his BALD head showed up like a lava light, yet he kept on strutting like he was God’s gift to women–er ah– I mean the less than 12 year old crowd! guess you can[‘t get black hair dye in the Federal Lock up. I bet there are lots of things in there that he can’t get that he is used to. I have a feeling his cell mate, Bubba, may not worship him as much as his cult does. I hear that when a person is convicted in a big public trial on all the news shows and EVERYONE knows he is a “baby raper” he doesn’t have an easy time of it in even the Federal Club Feds.

I know I shouldn’t GLOAT over someone going to prison, but if ANYONE besides Charles “Jackie” Walls III (who molested 1500+ kids over a 20 year period here in Arkansas) deserves to go to prison for life I think it is ALAMO! The ONLY differences in the two is that Jackie had no one at his trial supporting him, and it looks like Alamo still has a few supporters…but hopefully, with him gone away, his influence will wane, but sometimes even that takes a while, look at how LOYAL Charlie Manson’s girls were!

Twice Betrayed

OxDrover: You are in Arkansas? So am I.

Twice Betrayed

OxDrover: Jackie Walls from Lonoke? The Boy Scout ‘leader’?

Ox Drover

TWICE BETRAYED!!! OMG do you know him too? What a small world. I used to live in Lonoke in the 1970s for about 9 years. I knew his father (the judge) who was at that time one of the local attorneys, and all his family….it was a horrible trauma for them all, especially his dad. I am glad his mother had died by the time he was arrested. My adopted son D is a counselor for the BSA and so I am really protective about the BSA.

I knew Jackie was a jerk and a horse’s butt, but NEVER thought for one minute he was a MONSTER. The 1 hour docudrama that was broadcast about him had the female DA say “if we coudl have asked for the death penalty on this case we would have” I believed her. Jackie’e wife and kids were devestated.

You can go onto the Arkansas prison web site and see a photo (mug shot) of any prisoner and information about their conviction and sentencing….when the “Trojan Horse Psychopath” was in Ark prisons I kept tabs on him, and the victim’s advocate (a GREAT GAL) helped me to get his first parole turned down, even after it had been ILLEGALLY GIVEN to him. Kept him in another 5 months. The THP is on parole now and his parole officer did not even know he was a thrice convicted sex offender, ages 9, 11, and 14 for the victims.

Yea, I am still in Arkansas, though I left the state for several years and went to California, Texas and Florida for several years but came back to ark in 1989, and am now living on my grandfather’s old family farm. I don’t have a great deal of friends still left in Lonoke but a few—most of them have died off or drifted off and I don’t keep in touch much any more. Went over that way this spring to pick up some purebred ducks and ate at Perry’s on the freeway, still good food.

Don’t miss the skeeters though, cause up here in teh hills we don’t have many of them, but we do have TICKS! Course we had ticks in Lonoke too, plus the skeeters! As far as I know I am the only other poster here from Arkansas, though there are I think probably a bunch more readers than posters.

When they had the floods over there this spring and the hail later in the summer that wiped out the soy bean crops on some farms, I saw my old boss’s son (nnow in his 50s) interviewed on teh channel 7 news….Last time I saw him was about 1980 , he was 17 or so. My son who started first grade there is 40 this fall. Gosh I don’t know where the time went.

My neighborhood there was like “Happy Days” and all the neighborhood kids ran in a pack from house to house and all the moms watched all the kids, all the kids were from 4-8 or so and they were such a nice group of kids, and the mom’s all had garage sales together and bought each other’s stuff, and occasionally sold some to someone outside the neighborhood. LOL We buried each others’ families, gave big weddings on the spur of the moment, all pitching in. It was almost like a dream yet seems like ‘yesterday.” My house was one of the old Victorians and I remodeled it and I loved that house, it is still there, but the big elm tree is gone, and the box hedge is gone, but some of the bushes I planted are still there abnd the pecan trees. Once I was so tired of pecans that I had friends from little rock just come rake the leaves to get them. Now I would give my right arm for those pecans….or wild ducks by the millions or crawfish from the minnow ponds.

When I first moved in my next door neighbor didn’t know me yet and she saw me out by teh trash barrel cleaning a pile of ducks and she got on to me and said if I (a woman) cleaned ducks and the men in the neighborhood heard about it they would all want their wives to clean ducks too! LOL My husband wasn’t the hunter, so he didn’t clean ducks, I was the hunter and I cleaned what I shot! LOL

Yea, old jackie has given me a bad taste for child molesters and since I finiished my nursing degree (I am a retired advanced practice nurse) I have done all I can to PERSECUTE child molesters. Unfortunately, too many of them are like Jackie and get away with it for years.

Well, glad to have another Razorback in the crowd. Small world really. I’ve been here for nearly two years on this site, was on one of the Sam Vakin-owed sites on MSN for a while (6 months or so) but they are as disordered as HE is with flames and fights between the managers and the posters, and I just wasn’t comfortable there, like here. This is a great blog, and Donna is the greatest! Lots of really BRIGHT people here, not sure why exactly, but couldn’t ask for a better bunch of folks. Great articles from Dr. Leedom and the others here, with good information. Glad you are here, this is a healing place, and believe me when I say, I don’t think I could have gotten through this mess without the support I have had from this site. Lots of the previous bloggers have moved on, and aren’t many of us “old heads” hanging around here, but I still learn so much and it keeps me centered I think, so I keep on keeping on at LF. (((hugs)))) and Whooooooo Pigs seweeeee!


I am printing this and keeping it for the be-wty.x in the morning i will google skeeters.x

Twice Betrayed

Hey OxDrover:
Small world….you are right! I am thinking you live in north Arkansas in the Ozarks judging by the ‘hills’ comment! AHAHAHAHA! I was born in Russellville–all my family but one sister dead and buried there. I grew up in Little Rock close to the Governor’s mansion in a big southern home. Lived in Arkansas all my life except when I moved to Texas and Florida………….girl….we must have been passing each other on the freeway! Did you see a woman with a young daughter, a horse trailer with 2 horses and a P man driving? AHAHAHA!–cause it was us. My younger daughter is in dressage. Animals are her passion–especially horses-she is a biology major-University of Arkansas. Yep, Razorbacks…BTW-my first X graduated from the University of Arkansas–liked it so well [what contacts! LOL] that he stayed. He is from England, Arkansas. [I had to stay close to home in Little Rock cause I was raising the kids he deserted-so I did not get to go to college until later].
No, I do not know Jack Walls personally. I know of him thru a very good friend who knows him thru guns. My friend sold him a lot of guns and then helped him liquidate his gun collection. Then….the crap hit the papers and my friend wound up testifying on the gun issue. My friend said he had NO idea this man was/or could be like this. He always brought his wife with him and was very polite [withdrawn kinda]. His wife always sat and read books while he did business. Really freaked my friend out to even know this dude. I worked in the gun business with my friend but I never met JW…he had already gone to prison by that time. Freaky people out there……… know…I don’t even think I know my X’s very well–even tho I was married to this last one 28 years. I find there can be some dark hidden issues among these males….especially sexually. Scary!
Sam Vankin: now that is a piece of work. 😛 Knows more about these NP males….because as he has admitted, he is one! I’ve ‘conversed’ with Sam before. One smart P! I tried that board when I first started finding out all this stuff. In fact: I own Sam’s big book on NP. First one I ever bought on this subject when I first began searching for real answers. That board made me feel totally confused. I jumped ship quickly from that and wandered around some more till I found Dr. Leedom and Brown’s book. Bingo….I hit paydirt there!!! Got my answers and feelings understood for the very first time….and believe me: freedom! 🙂 ((((((hugs to you)))))) We are Steel Magnolias!!!!!!”Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” – Truvy

Ox Drover

Dear Twice,

Yea, I think we did pass each other on teh freeway, my husband was a 3-day-event horseman, I ride western and have since childhood. My husband had a couple of horses that went to national 3-day events and I have a bushel basket full of ribbons. I still ride, have a horse, and two mammoth jack asses, named Fat Ass and Hairy Ass and I ride the asses as they are so smooth gaited, smarter than horses and not as likely to hurt you. I’m too old to get more broken bones. I rodeo’d when I was a kid and barrel raced.

Sam Vakin is a real monster, but he has actually gotten enough NOTICE with his self permotion that he has definitely turned a lot of folks on to starting to learn about Ns and Ps. There was a movie made about him recently where he was actually diagnosed as a P by researachers. I would LOVE to see that movie. Wish I knew how to get a copy of it. I am sure he loved being the center of attention. His wife is such a VICTIM to him, and he loves humiliating her according to the researchers who tested Sam and made the movie.

I’m like you on that board of one of his sites, the managers are just I think as disordered as he is. On one, he put up an ARTICLE that said “Jesus was a Narcissist” and gave all the reasons that Jesus was a diagnosable N. It only stayed up one day before it was taken down, but the managers were always “counseling you” if you even said “God bless you” unless you were NOT a Christian believer. Then you could discuss religion all you wanted to. I left when all that became apparent.

I’ve always been a hunter since I was a kid, but no longer hunt much any more. Raise my own beef so no need for the meat, but spend a lot of time in the woods when the insect season (ticks) is about done. has gotten as hummid in last few years here in the hills as it is in the grand prairie or the delta (a big change) so summers are more unpleasant now around here and I’m getting softer so spend really hot weather in the cool house, or get out early in the day, but sometimes even 70-72 is miserable if the humidity is up.

Since the Trojan Horse’s attack we all have concealed carry licenses and carry for our own protection, and even though the guys have a shooting range up in the back of our property, and frequently practice and I ‘never practice” I can pretty much equal them in accuracy and it really chaps them. LOL

I don’t go to LR much any more unless I HAVE TO for some reason, just spend most of my time in the boonies. I live about 35 miles N of conway so LR is an hour’s drive for me. I used to go to college in LR and knew the city pretty well, but have lived and worked in LA, New Orleans, Miami, Dallas, etc. and have “enjoyed” all the metro living and shopping etc that I care to. At least the way my property is laid out, and my house is situated in the woods, invisible from the road, and there are alarms and noisy dogs here, I feel safe here at least, and having at least ONE armed guard besides myself here most of the time, I don’t feel as threatened as I did back when there was a psychopath actively hunting me and I bought an RV and headed for the hills to hide out, leaving everything behind here at the farm except my dogs. He even came and locked up my two asses in a stable sized pen without food and water for a couple of days, but I had folks checking on the livestock etc. Minor vandalism was all it ended up being to my property.

Me leaving though, and getting away UNNNOTICED in the middle of the night left them confused about what to do, and ended up bringing the while thing to light when the TH-P changed plans and was going to take off with my DIL and money stolen from my egg donor til they got caught, then they had decided to kill him and make it look like “self defense” but thank GOD he was able to get to 911 in time and they took off running. Cops caught them almost immediately. Both went to jail/prison, but are both out now. I don’t fear either one of them though, as they both know we are armed, that if they were found on this farm at all (restraining orders) that there would be no reprocussions for what happened to either of them.

That’s one of the things about living in such a rural county where the local law may be crooks, but they are OUR crooks and you know them personally and they know the situation. the local sheriff was one of the few supporters I had before the attempted murder of my son C by the TH-P and his wife.

Healing from all this CONTINUAL decades-long drama-rama and STRESS is not a quick fix, for sure. I have not done a lot except try to heal for the past couple of years (since august 07 when the attempted murder took place) and you know, it has been a “full time” job to get back to where I can function. Life is good again and I feel better about myself, my own ability to cope with whatever life throws at me, and am more watchful for psychopathic traits in those around me, avoid them, and live in PEACE and harmony with those I love. What better thing could one hope for even in life. My sons are healing as well, and we all have a ways to go, but we have made the biggest leap back to a “good life” and one where our homoe is a SANCTUARY. Even after I moved back here to the farm, I couldn’t move back into my house for 6 months, I didn’t feel safe, and I lived in the RV parked near the house, but not IN the house. That RV was my safety blanket sort of and I didn’t feel SAFE inside the house.

In fact, for a while, it was like there was a black cloud of EVIL over the entire farm. I still don’t go over by my egg donor’s house (1/2 mile away from my house) unless I know for a fact she is gone…I don’t want her peering out the window watching me through her field glasses. Where my house is, she can’t see either the aircraft hangar, RV or my house from her house. Can’t see my house even from the county side road. She does get information sometimes from the neighbors about me coming and going, but I was actually gone for 3 months before she knew I was gone, and home for 3 months before she knew I was home again. I try to keep the neighbors from knowing much to report to her.

I am a trustee with her on the land trust so I have business sometimes we have to do, but it is done by e mail, business ONLY discussed, and if I need papers my adopted son goes and gets them or gets them signed. No information about me goes to her from that source either.

There was a time when I was DASHED TO THE GROUND when I realized she is what she is, and I didn’t think I could stand the grief and disappointment, it would have been easier if she had died (ditto with my P-son) but now I am essentially FREE of any expectation about her, accept the ugly truth, and my son too. I’m reaching that “nirvana of indifference” with both of them and my life is so much better without me worrying about them or caring what happens to either of them. It is difficult for her to grasp either that I DO NOT care about her money or an inheritence of cash from her, and that she cannot control me and is essentially ALONE NOW—after she canceled my medical and other powers of attorney, I realized that I am (as her only child) NO LONGER OBLIGATED to care for her because I do NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY TO DO SO, I couldn’t if I wanted to. Talk about having the guilt of the world removed from my shoulders when I realized that.

You may be a steel magnolia, but I am morphing in to a cast iron STATUE OF LIBERTY because I am FINALLY FREE to be ME. I can actually give a rat’s behind “what the neighbors think” about who and what I am. I NOW KNOW WHO AND WHAT I AM and I LIKE THE HECK OUT OF THE “OX DROVER!”

She’s a “cool old lady” who is setting boundaries and living life to the fullest with a lot of laughter in her soul and they can laugh at my lard butt up on my Fat Ass or laugh at his long ears, but I’m gonna have the time of my life for the rest of my life!!! (((hugs)))) Oxy

super chic

On TV this morning, while discussing a story about young girls being lured into “religious” societies, Mike Huckabee (the former Gov. of Arkansas, for those of us who are not Razorbacks) mentioned Alamo and remarked on how he married young girls, etc etc, and talked about how horrible Alamo is.

Twice Betrayed

You go girl! Ride those long ears! 🙂 I like long ears. Had friends that carted with them. I am so glad things are going well with you now!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love their names-hysterical! 🙂
Sam Vankin….strange that you should mention that he wrote about Jesus-because that was what our email discussion was about. He is very hostile to Christ/Christianity.
Guns: I have my concealed permit too.
Arkansas, horses, guns and P’s….Oxy, we’ve a lot in common! 😉
Ok, I was not getting the ‘egg donor’ title….we are talking about your mom, correct? My mom is deceased. She was a demanding English woman that I guess I never pleased. I did love her…..I just didn’t have a life to sacrifice to her in her old age………I was busy giving blood to the P’s and the mini-P’s I birthed. ;P
Ok, you statue of iron……*high five to you*. *girl power* as my little two year old grandaughter says! 🙂
Great to know you and great to be in good company! 🙂 Thanks!

Twice Betrayed

Alamo……..reminded me of my x’s father. {may be} LOLOLOL! *shudder*

Ox Drover

Dear Chick, THANKS!!!

Twice betrayed, that is the THING ABOUT LF, there are soooo very many things about us all that are so much alike….different ages, sexes, religions, professions, etc etc and from all over the world, and though we have ONE thing “in common,” dealing with psychopaths, we still have other things that are very much alike too. Yea, though, you and I do have a LOT in common. Not too many people are as eccentric as I am, or as gun toting, or as out spoken, and funny thing is I never had any problem standing up to Ps outside my family or close circle of friends, but boy did I attract the Ps in my “inner circle of trust”—even dated one after my husband died. Nearly got my “hook hung” on that one two, 4 months of bliss, 4 months of wondering/crying and another few months of GRIEF! Boy, I missed THAT bear trap.

Yea, the woman who gave birth to me is my egg donor, but except for genetics, she didn’t EARN the title “mother” and I took it away from her. She had me convinced for years though (until about 2 years ago) that she was Mother Theresa and could not lie–actually she could not LOVE, only control. In fact, I think I am probably teh only one who has seen her mask FULLY fall and actually look in to the EYES of SATAN. I have seen it in my P-son, like a magician, and so ahve others, but only me with my egg donor. I’ve seen it with my sperm donor, and LOTS of people have seen it with him. But she is crafty.

The best thing she did for me was to marry my step father, who was a WONDERFUL man. She had him fooled too, but at least he loved me, approved of me and was proud of me, she did none of those things. Funny thing I was never afraid of him, but was of her. After he died though she only got worse and 3 years after his death she was in her prime! Oh, well, her loss We say around here that the “truth will set you free, but first it will pith you off” (Gloria Steinhem I think) and yep it did pith me off to learn the truth and accept it, but it did SET ME FREE.

Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but LF has freed the victims of the FOG (fear, obligation and Guilt) and boy did I have a full plate of all of them. Took care of my step dad though 18 months of cancer out of love, felt like I had to take care of egg donor out of obligation, but NO MORE. she has plenty of money to hire people to take care of her and I have no obligation to do it. I did it out of LOVE for my Daddy (and he earned that title) but won’t do it for her.

Glad you are here Twice Betrayed, I felt all alone being the only one from the mid south, much less arkansas. (((Hugs))))

super chic

What are the chances? I went to the mall today and when I got back to my car there was a “Alamo Christian Ministries World Newsletter” on the windshield! On everybody’s windshield. This thing is dated April-June 2003! It has a picture of Alamo with Sonny Bono and Sonny is wearing one of those “designer jackets” and it says “hundreds of motion picture stars, entertainers, recording artists, sports figures, presidents, politicians, kings, queens, princes and princesses” wear Alamo’s jackets.

This thing is 16 pages long, 95% of it is an article called Evil One-World Government Agents Are Claiming To Be United States Agents, then he goes on and on and on about everything including his “Rome conspiracy”.

Inserted into the newsletter is a pamphlet titled Flying Saucers Are End-Time Prophecy, By Tony Alamo” and he is speaking of an experience that he and Susie had with UFO’s. You’d never know she had passed away” or that he is in jail.

They are still having services here, not right in Los Angeles, but about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, which I would consider the “sticks” LOL.

So the ministers of the church are still trying to lure people in, why don’t they print up a new newsletter with the truth?

Twice Betrayed

I do understand about being strong and then being a victim to the P males. But, you know, I do really get it. Most of the women that I meet/talk to that have been victimized by these P males are strong, intelligent, successful females. [They make that point pretty clear in Women Who Love Psychopaths]. It takes pretty strong males to take us on so that does make us attracted to and attracted by the p males. We can overshadow the more passive males. Really hard to get a middle of the road type of guy. I don’t like males that are wusses at all….I mean geeze, who wants a guy that cannot kill the dang snakes in the barn. 😉
Sorry about your mom! Mine was a tough one to please. I tried to be different with my kids and love them and do everything for them….but I don’t see that it worked any better. LOLOLOL!
Also sorry about your dad. My dad died when I was 21. He was a wonderful gentleman. Just a great person.
I like carrying a gun. I think every woman should be protected in this day and age especially. I guess I don’t look the type much…my younger daughter….oh yeah. One tough gal. Looks like she stepped out of the Victorian era with long curly hair and blue eyes that could melt steel. My P x had those same blue eyes. Liquid blue and so soft and tender looking when he was younger………then as he aged they became reptilian looking. Weird how they changed like that. And he adopted that P stare that he used on females to intimidate them. *shudder* I really think he is a woman hater….I do. He jumps from female to female but he really treats them terrible. Cruel….OMG….at first he’s Prince Charming….and then after he gets you stuck….he’s the Prince of Darkness. But, we all know how the ps operate. Now we do at last. Because we tend to be ‘what you see is what you get’ type of females….this throws us for a loop.
Hope I don’t have too many typos and errors in this…it’s almost 2 AM and I’m typing with one eye shut. 😉 (((hugs)))

Twice Betrayed

Have you ever seen some of those jackets Alamo created? They are cool…no doubt about it. I’ve read all that info. Talked to some people that were in/out of that group. Lot of them are displaced. You know Charles Manson made a statement once that I never forgot. He said he ‘never picked anyone up that society had not already thrown away’. Figure Alamo’s following was based on that too…………


He said he ’never picked anyone up that society had not already thrown away’. Figure Alamo’s following was based on that too——

I have always had a bit of an issue with organised religious groups because of this feeling (mho) that that’s what they ‘do’ (apologies all of you who are members of religious groups no offence to you I know its not all like this)x
I was in a shelter for young homeless mums when I had my daughter and there were always lots of visits from ‘the jesus army’ and other similar groups then when I was working in an elderly care unit, we were often vistited by vicar’s nuns and priests, I have to say some(some, not all, some were invited and genuinly giving comfort) of these people seemed to be ‘trawling for (lost or vulnerable souls) I find it creepy.

Ox Drover

Dear Twice and Blue,

Yes, they do “prey” on those that have little “hope” and victimize them. fortunately, not all charitable groups, religious or otherwise, are this way. Unfortunately as well, many “churches” have become more social organizations than organizations for improvement of society and caring. There are others who genuinely try to follow the lead with social WORKS like the Salvation Army, and the churches that do outreach and food pantry etc.

The psychopath can find victims among the downcast and pretend to do “good works” but actually use that pretense as a “love bomb” to trauma bond them then BINGO! They are hooked and the abuse begins. It seems in many of these groups the leading males end up with pologomy and/or pedophilia and POWER and CONTROL. Alamo seems a PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS to me.

It’s a scary thing when you think about it, how people can be duped in LARGE GROUPS. Look what Hitler did to an entire country! Chairman Mao? Staliln? Saadam? A combination of fear and cunning. Scary.

Twice Betrayed

OxDrover: EXCELLENT post!!!!
I have studied a lot on this subject of [how these people] are able to do this to others…especially the Hitlers. And the P males we marry are mini Hitlers.

Twice Betrayed

Whoa…………the heart of my post was deleted. It’s not on there. In the cyberzone. Dang…….will write it again later.

Ox Drover

Dear Twice,

There is a cyber-psychopath here once in a while that EATS posts—not often but sometimes—LOL

kim frederick

I saw a documentary a while back about a cult (sorry can’t name it) but I think it was THS investigates program, anyway the cult leaderhad many wives and one of them had recently given birth to a baby boy. This “leader” was able to convince his group that Jesus would provide for this baby boy. His mother was only allowed to breast feed him, and as he grew olde, of course, he needed solid food. His mother gave into his crys and tried to give him a little water and was severly beaten but several members of the cult. The baby died of starvation at seven months. It absolutly breaks my heart to think that these sadistic monsters can gain so much controll that even non P’s can be forced into cruelty; even cruelty toward those that they most love and are the most dependant on them. What a double joy for the monster to watch the baby suffer and the mothers absolute degradation and dispair. I am very cautious of the very religious. REligions do not have to be as extreme as cults to gain a good bit of control over their followers. Our desire to be loved and accepted make us all easy targets. Don’t get me wrong I believe in a benifiscent higher powe; God if you will, but like I said I remain cautious. And as for William Blake, when writing about the “Tiger, tiger burning bright, in the forest of the night” asked “Did He who made the lamb make thee?”

kim frederick

Sorry. I got confused. Someone posted somthing by William Blake on the Micheal Vick thread. I was responding to that. I got it right with the cult thing though. Thanks for being here, all of you.


I’m a little confused by Kim’s post above. I’m not disputing
the documentary about the cult. But the breastfeeding?
No child has ever starved to death on breast milk. Breast Milk is designed by nature as the perfect food for human babies and a mother’s breasts will produce milk based on her child’s demand for it. Something else contributed to this child’s death. Its very likely the mother was controlled as to when and how she could feed the child, rather than allowing the child to feed as needed/on demand, then THAT would certainly contribute to malnourishment.
My own daughter had nothing but breast milk for almost nine months, and she was enormously healthy and quite fat as well. They did something horrible to that woman and to her child, but it wasn’t limiting intake to breast milk only, they had to have intervened in some twisted, manipulative, and controlling way like controlling when or how often, or possibly malnourishing the mother at the same time, compromising her milk in some way. We should be careful here to be supportive of each other, but we should also be careful of perpetuating inaccurate or manipulated information and perceptions.
Getting to the truth, and getting past the manipulated
information of the S, ALL erroneous and manipulated
information for that matter, is part of
healing from the experience of the S.


Speaking of which, how in the world did the devotees of
a very dangerous sociopath find their way to this site in order to post those bizarre messages I read above?
My heart
breaks for them that they cannot see how they’ve been so
brainwashed that they would become the mouthpeice of the very evil they seek refuge from in their ‘religion’
The propaganda of the sociopath is spread by the people who’ve fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.
They do the sociopath’s work for him.
Making the point
again, how vital it is for each of us to look for the truth.
Only when we’ve exposed the lies, the manipulations, the
pretenses and facades, only then do we begin to free our
mind from the grip of it, and so begin to heal.

kim frederick

Jen1011, you may certainly be right. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more clear about who what and when but I’m sure the information can be researched. I posted what I understood to be true and I certainly did not mean to perpetrate any BS. I did not consider it to be erroneous or manipulitive. I didn’t mean to knock breast feeding. Maybe you missed the point. Hope you have a wonderful day. PS maybe I will try to research this information for myself and pass it on.

Ox Drover

May I interupt here, first off Jennifer, I am a BIG advocate of BREAST FEEDING, however, there are occasional times when the mother’s milk is infufficent in either/or quality or quantaty, and a baby can starve to death under those circumstances.

To Kim, I say, that anytime a person or erven an institution states that THEY (singly or collectively) are the ONLY avenue to reach God (by whatever name that god is called) there are problems.

For as long as history has been recorded one religion would battle another, or one sect of a relilgion and burn the others at the stake because they didn’t believe as “they should have”

Millions of people have died in the name of Christ, put to death or persecuted by others of the “same” faith. HUH? The believe my way or die attitude has been on this earth a long time now. fortunately in some parts of the world this is changing, but we should never take it for granted….it could change at any moment. Tony alamo is a perfect example of these cult leaders who is a “false prophet” and his cult is based on HIS “relevations” not upon anything else.

Cults don’t just have to be about religion and faith in a god, but can be political or philisophical—communist or socialist or any number of others, including “democracy” can be twisted so the leaders take control. Hitler, stalin, Mao, Alexander the Great, and back to the first human who picked up a stone for a weapon.

Some people in any cult are actually sincere believers, but the psychopathic leaders who “write the rules” turn them into dupes to do some pretty evil things in the name of “god.”

It saddens me, as it seems it does you, that these people then become psychopaths-by-proxy to hurt others. Trauma bonded to the rule maker. (((hugs)))) and God bless us all.

kim frederick

Thanks, Oxy. Just what I meant.

kim frederick

Hi. The name of the program is THS investigates cults religion, and mind control. It airs again on 9/30 on “E!” The womans name is Karen Rudidoux. I am still not clear on the particulars, but will watch the show. Hope everybodys having a beautiful day.


Hey Kim, I sure didn’t mean to suggest YOU were spreading
incorrect information. I’m sorry. I was actually thinking the
documentary might be responsible for it, having noticed
in various media the surprising departure from breast feeding
that so many young mothers have taken.
I agree with you both, Kim and Drover, that the point
is really in the brainwashing and manipulation by the sociopath
and the then larger group who’ve been brainwashed by him,
perpetuating the damage, perhaps for generations.
In the case of social, religious and political hegemony, for millenia.

I’m friends with a delightful woman, kind, generous, seemingly very bright and intelligent. But she has this
spot; her devotion to her faith. Faith in and of itself is an
amazing and beautiful thing, but it can leave us vulnerable to
the machinations of a sociopath. Her pastor, as is common, uses his pulpit to express
political opinions but also to ‘teach’ his congregation. The misinformation and manipulation of facts might not necessarily be coming from the pastor himself, but could be the result of long term hegemony.
In this way, false ideas, even outright lies, are spread among
the congregation and my friend, delightful woman that she is,
then spreads these falsehoods to her children and in conversations with her friends.
Frequently, my only response
can be a gaping mouth expressing shock that such idiocy
could be spoken aloud. How can I tell her what is true?
Because then I would seem to be discrediting her pastor….
and attempting to discredit her ‘faith’.

The legacy of the sociopath is so far reaching. I do not
think her pastor is an S, he’s probably only repeating what
he was taught, by a man repeating what he was taught, etc.
And now she will repeat it, and so will her daughters.


Thanks, Oxy,

I hadn’t even HEARD of Tony Alamo – not that I’m in the business of ferreting out freaks…but, apparently he has still got followers, all claiming he is a righteous person…and coming in here, SHOUTING in defence of him; UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Find a different outlet; volunteer to work for free on his appeals – but this IS NOT their forum, it is OURS. Specifically, it is OURS for the purposes of communicating about Psychopaths, Narcissists and Sociopaths – in the “collective.” We are NOT “about being taken over by” *harruummmmph!* “limited intelligences” that cannot think or analyze Tony Alamo’s ACTIONS for what they REALLY are….! EVIL.

HMMMPH *crosses arms across chest* disbelief at the “Screamers” here ostensibly supporting him.

When I analyzed Christ’s raising Lazarus from the dead, He didn’t say “Now, you all pray, and he’ll come back to life,” did He??

NO! It didn’t take 6 months; he didn’t withhold Lazarus’ body from his family for 16 YEARS ( ? ) gruss gott!

He calmly and quietly, in HIS OWN grief, took care of the business at hand.

He went into where Lazarus lay, and without ANY fanfare, or trumpetting, or TALK, He just raised him from the dead.

SO, based upon that analysis, my opinion of so-called “prophets of God” (AND I DON’T CARE WHO THEY ARE, nor what religion they espouse…!!! PERIOD!), if they cry out for money, if they CAN’T perform the miracle they SHOUTED so long and loudly about, THEY ARE FALSE Prophets, to my way of viewing them.

Apologies for being SOOOOOOO DOGMATIC, but ANYone can SAY anyTHING; it is “BY their fruits, ye shall know them.”

Twice Betrayed

Hey, all good posts and thinking for yourselves! Most of us are looking for the answers to life. I believe the mistake is made in following the man instead of following God. If you want to deceive someone do you totally deny the truth? No…we know this….from experience….you twist it. It does far more harm because you have an element of truth to it…which gives it power. *shudder*
My two cents. 🙂


a real wife:)xx

“but ANYone can SAY anyTHING; it is “BY their fruits, ye shall know them.”

sociopath recogintion 101!!:)xxxx

Ox Drover

Dear HSW,

Oh, I agree totally. these FAKERS are FALSE PROPHETS, but Jesus said that there would be FALSE PROPHETS come in His name, and this is one of them, a particularly NASTY ONE I think. Some are after money, come control and fame and power and some like this freak, ALL of the above plus access to little girls for sex, and their parents are so duped they fail to protect them.

Jennifer, cults EVOLVE, and your take on this may be right, and it is teh EARLY stages of a cult. I have SEEN cults start out as good people, then some S gets in as pastor and a CULT of following one man (and it is NOT Jesus) start to spread as this “Pastor” starts to interpret “God’s word” to fit his own desires—like alamo was marrying these girls to save them from becoming whores at age 9! Yea! Right, so self sacrificing for him to do so. NOT!!!

I hope they don’t release him when he gets old, sick and cancer etc. like they did that guy that bombed the plane in Scotland. Apparently the release as discussed on NPR (national public radio) yesterday was to keep England’s trade partner ship with Libia intact and the guy got a HERO’S WELCOME when he returned! (which he was supposed to NOT get, but a low key trip home to die.) Well, you can’t trust a psychopath no matte rwhat they promisxe, so now Scotland and England have egg on their political faces for pretending to be “compassionate” when it was all about TRADE. And we should be suprised????? I am sorry, to me compassion is about the victims’ families, not the murderer x 200+—okay, okay, will get off my SOAP BOX! LOL

kim frederick

Thanks, Jen. I got a little defensive there, but I feel better now. I think we’re on the same page.
I think all this prversity in religion, and the truly evil things that are done is the reason why “Jesus wept.”
But while dying on the cross He said,”Forgive them father for they know not what they do.” Any thoughts on that? Do they know what they do? Should they be forgiven?


Kim, that is an impossible question.
My P knows exactly what he is doing. and he wants to perpetrate it. He wants more evil to exist. He once said to me, “I’m tired of your God-like ways”
and he told me that he had gone to the neighbors house and told them I was a saint. A year later I asked the neighbors, “did doug actually tell you I’m a saint?”
“No,” said the neighbor, “he didn’t say THAT.”
Now I know what he did say, he said that I THINK I’m a saint. Why? because I like helping people – especially him and he despises that in me. Weird huh?

Twice Betrayed

skylar: same comment my X P made about me! He called me the ‘morals nazi’ because I found out about his cheating ways.
They want women like us so they don’t get back what they dish out and then when we find out their games they hate us. The only women my husband respects is the ones that can dish the dirt right back into his life.

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