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Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2011!

It’s a New Year—another opportunity for a new beginning.

Of course, some of us have already embarked on new beginnings. I am always amazed, and gratified, to watch the journeys of recovery of so many Lovefraud readers.

People show up in tatters—betrayed, shocked and devastated. They gradually come to grips with what has happened. They seek help for extricating themselves from terrible situations, and the Lovefraud community offers advice, information and moral support. Eventually, feeling stronger and wiser, they turn around and help the most recent new arrivals, who have also shown up in tatters.

So here we are, in different stages of our healing journeys. Sometimes we slide back, but we are making forward progress.

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Coleman murders: Friends tell of victim’s fears

Back in 2009, Sheri Coleman and her two sons, ages 9 and 11, were found strangled in their beds. Christopher Coleman, the husband and father, is charged in the murders. His lawyers are trying to prevent prosecution witnessees from testifying before a jury a about the victim’s fears, claiming it would be hearsay.

Read Coleman judge hears victim’s friends tell of her fear, on

Read previous Lovefraud coverage, Christopher Coleman charged with strangling his family.

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BOOK REVIEW: The 48 Laws of Power


By Ox Drover

Many times on Lovefraud, bloggers have joked with me that a particular phrase or behavior “came out of the ”˜Psychopath’s play book,’“ the kind of book in which a football team would write all their usual plays.

I recently bought a book entitled, The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene, because it sounded like an interesting book. But the more I got into it, I realized that the heretofore-thought-mythical “Psychopathic Play book” does exist, and this is it!

Robert Greene, by the way, also wrote The Art of Seduction.

Here’s what the jacket blurb on the back of The 48 Laws of Power says about its content:

The best-selling book for

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Doctor flees $6 million in debt and 350 malpractice lawsuits

Dr. Mark Weinberger operated a sinus surgery clinic in Merrillville, Indiana like an assembly line. He made money fast and spent it faster. With debt and lawsuits closing in, he disappeared, leaving his wife and father on the hook for millions of dollars in debts.

In this well-written story by Buzz Bissinger, Vanity Fair magazine details Weinberger’s outrageous, unconscionable behavior. “His actions, if all the accounts are true, resembled those of s sociopath, a monster for whom the only needs that mattered were his own,” Bissinger wrote.

Although the article tries to offer other plausible reasons for the doctor’s behavior, any reader of Lovefraud would recognize it. Dr. Mark Weinberger fits the profile of a sociopath.

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Private behavior and the public good

The connection between love and politics—that was the topic of commentary in yesterday’s paper written by Gregory Rodriguez, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. The article, Love and politics in a cynical age, got me thinking about the consistency of behavior.

Rodriguez summarized how Americans have come to view the private lives and public lives of the people we elect to represent us. He wrote:

The truth is that we don’t generally associate politics or politicians with happy marriages and deep romance, let alone fidelity. The constant revelation of scandals and peccadilloes in the halls of power have trained us to expect the worst of those—particularly the men—we elect to shepherd and protect the interests of

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Genetic mutation plus alcohol leads to violence

A study of criminal offenders in Finland found a certain genetic mutation and alcohol consumption was associated with impulsive violence.

Read Genetic mutation may lead to violent and reckless behavior on

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Happy Holidays to all!

To all Lovefraud readers – Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays! We hope your holiday season is peaceful, and the New Year brings change for the better!

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Missing: $99 million donated for military veterans

Approximately $100 million has been donated to the U.S. Navy Veterans Association by people who want to help military veterans. About $99 million of that money is missing. The man who ran what is now considered to be a scam is also missing.

Read Lawyer flips on fugitive GOP donor who allegedly scammed millions, on

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Background checks for online daters

When looking for love, 20 million Americans look on Internet dating sites. Now, companies offer quick and easy background checks, although some experts worry about their effectiveness.

Read New online-date detectives can unmask Mr. or Ms. Wrong, on… Read more

Dipping a toe in the dating pool

Editor’s note: The Lovefraud reader who writes as “Glinda” sent the following letter. I’ll provide my thoughts at the end of her letter.

NEVER Dating Again” Punishment or Prudence?

I have most of my life back in order, post sociopath. Work is good; I have friends; I have hobbies; and my kids are well cared for and seem to be well-adjusted to our family routine.  I also don’t worry and think about getting asked out much. I’m pretty sure I put a “nuh uh” sign out, in neon. I haven’t had any interest in dating—in fact, I’ve sworn off relationships in general. I’m not lonely. I’ve filled my life and don’t feel empty or sad. I have … Read more

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