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Acceptance: I don’t have to like the situation, but I recognize the truth of what it is

Editor’s note: The following post was written by the Lovefraud reader “Adelade.”

Killer who lured men with job offers sentenced to death

Richard Beasley, a self-styled preacher in Ohio, was convicted of killing three men who he lured with bogus job offers for farm hands. The jury recommended the death penalty.

Death penalty recommended in Ohio Craigslist case, on News.MSN.com.

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Sex offender confesses to robbing nuns in Irish convent

John Cronin, of Scotland, tricked nuns in County Antrim, Ireland, into thinking he was an insurance company boss.  The guy apparently has a lifelong history of sexual assaults and other offenses, including to be a priest. He was tracked by satellite.

John Cronin admits to robbing nuns at convent, on Scotsman.com.

Link provided by a Lovefraud reader.

LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: He told me exactly what I wanted to hear

Editor’s note: The following post was written by the Lovefraud reader “wantmylifeback41.”

When I first met him, I felt I loved him before I even knew him. He is the total opposite of me— a short, stocky dark hair Italian with eyes that seemed to focus on my every word. He moved quickly with me, telling me God had sent him an angel and he couldn’t wait to begin a life with me. I was so drawn to his looks and him being so attentive on me, I fell for him quickly.


More upgrades at Lovefraud.com

Well, it’s been an interesting week in the Lovefraud tech department. So many people have been spending so much time on the new Lovefraud website that the server periodically crashed. If you logged into Lovefraud and saw a blank white screen, that is the reason.

So, Lovefraud has moved to our very own cloud server. New visitors to Lovefraud will not notice anything. But regular Lovefraud readers may continue to see the “read only” version for a couple of hours because it is still stored in your computer’s memory. This will go away by itself soon.

Additional changes

New Jersey man tries to create his own bloodline by impregnating daughters

Aswad Ayinde of Paterson, New Jersey, formerly known as Eric McGill, was convicted of raping a daughter and fathering four children by her in an effort to create a “pure bloodline.” This is the second of five trials —Ayinde is accused of molesting five daughters, and he was already convicted in one case. The testimony is unbelievable.


Aswad Ayinde found guilty of raping his daughter; faces 50-year jail term


N.J. father who impregnated daughter sees himself as prophet, ex-wife testifies

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

Yet another custody dispute murder-suicide

Kenneth Robert Ayers, of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, was subject to a protection from abuse order filed by his estranged wife, but was permitted visits with his two-year-old son. Saturday morning Ayers killed his son, shot his wife and then committed suicide. The district attorney says the crime may have been planned for at least a week.

Kenneth Ayers wounds wife, kills son, takes own life in Pennsylvania murder-suicide, on Huffington Post.com.

DA: Murder may have been planned, on AltoonaMirror.com.

Lovefraud’s Mel Carnegie tells her story in the UK’s Daily Mail

Mel Carnegie is doing her best to educate the world about sociopaths. She’s written many inspirational articles for Lovefraud readers. Now, Mel has just told her story in the UK’s Mail Online. It’s a great read—one we can all relate to.

Why didn’t I realise my perfect man was a sociopath? on DailyMail.co.uk.

Introducing the new Lovefraud.com

Hello Lovefraud readers! Welcome to the new, integrated, technologically up-to-date Lovefraud.com!

As you can see, it looks very different. Let me give you a tour.

There are two big and important changes. First of all, the information of Lovefraud.com and the articles of Lovefraud Blog are now in the same place. Secondly, Lovefraud now has a “responsive” design, which means that the layout is also customized for smart phones and iPads. If you read Lovefraud on these devices, it is now much easier.

Following is a list of other features.


Major Lovefraud upgrade this weekend

To all readers: Lovefraud will undergo a major upgrade over the weekend, and will be unavailable. We’ll shut down approximately 9 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday), and will be back up Monday, better than ever.

If you like, please feel free to visit the Lovefraud Facebook page.

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