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10 translations of what sociopaths mean by ‘I love you’

Authentic affection or a sociopath?Most sociopaths are really good at proclaiming their love. They often say the words “I love you” so quickly that it surprises us how can they already feel that way? We just met!

When we question them, they respond, “You’re the one I’ve been waiting for all my life,” or, “I just know that we’re perfect for each other,” or something equally endearing.

We want to believe them, so we do. They keep pouring it on, until we fall in love with them. The big problem, however, is that our love is real and theirs is fake.

LETTER TO LOVEFRAUD: Since this experience, I’ve been afraid to love again

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent by a Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Shania.” Names have been changed. My comments are at the end of the letter.

I’m a 20-year-old girl and I had an experience with a sociopath, or so I think he was one. This traumatic experience actually gave me post-traumatic stress disorder.

A few years ago, in my senior year of high school, I started to talk to this boy in my class named Mark. Everyone loved him; he was the most popular guy in my school. He was really good at talking to people, had the charm, very funny, always knew what to say.

Quora: What’s it like for a sociopath to meet another sociopath?

The following question was posed on Quora: “What’s it like for a sociopath to meet another sociopath?”

The woman who asked the question included commentary about sociopaths, some of which I disagree with. For example, she said, “Sometimes you see even the most terrifying sociopaths get out of prison and go on to have their own children who they do not mistreat, and actually like.” Actually, sociopaths are incapable of loving anyone, including their children, so even if they don’t beat their kids, they’ll probably inflict psychological and emotional abuse.

Explaining love addiction with a sociopath

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, romantic love is an addiction. The drive to find a romantic partner is buried deep in the brain, and biologically intertwined with the brain’s reward system, which is linked to wanting, motivation, focus and craving. To hear Dr. Fisher explain this, watch the video.

Dr. Fisher points out that when you love someone and are rejected, the addiction is worse. Not only do you continue to feel the intense romantic love, but you love your beau even more. Your love becomes an obsession. It turns out that the brain system associated with rewards becomes even more active when you can’t get what you want.

Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, to host free call in support group Sunday 7/1/18 at 5 pm EST

  Experience the support of people who know!  Join our free support group Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 5 pm EST.  Go to and use the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page to state your interest in joining.  Do this every time even if you have joined us before!  We will reply to you with instructions to join the conference call.  It is anonymous and no personal information is displayed or shared.

Share your struggles, questions, get feedback and clarity from people who get it!  Hope to meet you there!

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Gary Lindsey, with a history of domestic violence, killed four children and himself

Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr., 35, of Orlando, Florida, beat and threatened his girlfriend — again. On June 12, 2018, he followed through, shooting and critically injuring a cop, killing four children, and then killing himself.

Ciara Lopez, 31, mother of the four children, fled her apartment and ran to a convenience store to call 911. “I don’t want to leave them alone there for too long because he might do something,” she said.

Police arrived, and there was a 23-hour standoff. The end was tragic.

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Translating a sociopath’s text message as he attempts to hoover back his ex-wife

Editor’s note: The following article was sent to Lovefraud by a reader whom we’ll call “Maura.”

My friend Annie was sent this text from her sociopathic ex. Three and half years ago, he abandoned her and their sons after a 17-year marriage. No doubt other readers have had similar hoover texts, and either ignored them or fell for them.

For entertainment and education purposes, we’ve analysed his standard manipulative ploys and use of charm to break down her defences and weasel his foot in the door. On the surface his text seems contrite and genuine enough. However, he is a sociopath who will do and say anything to lure her back in. The bottom line — it is all a con and he wants to exert control and hurt her further. He cannot change and any attempt to change will be very short lived.

After our own abusive childhoods, endeavoring to protect others

By Eleanor Cowan

Way back in 1940, my Dad, Neil, married Maggie, a gentle woman soon thrilled at the birth of a son, Gordon. In late May, the young mom traveled to visit her parents in Nova Scotia and settled into a beautiful summer. Even with a war going on in Europe, and even though Gordie’s dad remained in Montreal, those months with her family became even more valued given Maggie’s sudden death.

In early September, Maggie packed to return to her husband in Montreal. Hours before her departure on the 6 p.m. train, she began hyperventilating. Her blood pressure sky-rocketed and Maggie plummeted into mortal asthmatic distress. She never got to Montreal. Before her horrified parents, Maggie, so happy with her baby, died in hospital that night.

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The Sociopath Channel: Investigation Discovery

If you want to know how sociopaths behave, just watch any TV show on the Investigation Discovery channel. All the stories are true. They’re all about sociopaths. All the stories will enlighten you about disordered behavior — if you know what to look for.

In fact, I found a page on the ID website with helpful information: 5 Signs you share your home with a psychopath. The descriptions are reasonably accurate.

I often turn on ID while I’m cleaning the house. Because of the reality show format — narration, interviews and reenactments — I find that I can listen to the shows while I work, and still follow the whole story. Time and time again, I hear perfect descriptions of sociopaths seducing and then exploiting their targets.

Last words of Rhonda Casto: ‘He is either going to give me a ring or throw me off a cliff’

Rhonda Casto (Facebook)

Rhonda Castro fell to her death while hiking on the Eagle Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon on March 16, 2009 with her boyfriend, Stephen Nichols.

Her last words to her grandmother and aunt were, “He is either going to give me a ring or throw me off a cliff.”

Nichols was originally charged with murder, but eventually pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and coercion in May 2017. He was sentenced to three years of probation, with credit for 19 months of jail time.

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