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If you’ve been targeted by a sociopath, join the healing community of the Lovefraud Blog

Sociopaths are a threat to your emotions, your mental health, your finances and even your life. Lovefraud’s goal is to teach you how to recognize and avoid sociopaths. If you’ve already run across one of these social predators, we’re here to help you figure out what happened and recover.

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Your friends and family won’t understand. If you go to counseling with this character, the therapist may be snowed. Banks and credit card companies won’t care that you’ve been defrauded. Sociopaths routinely manipulate the judicial system. And law enforcement authorities won’t take any real action unless you’re dead—and then it’s a little late.

Why does this happen? Because people don’t realize sociopaths exist—and how destructive they are.

Who am I to say this? I’m Donna Andersen, and I’ve been there. A man who I believe is a sociopath took US$227,000 from me—and similar amounts from at least four other women that I know of. It added up to more than US$1 million. The saga involves theft, fraud, bigamy—and the “system” was powerless to do anything about it. For more, read the True Lovefraud Story about James Montgomery.

So Lovefraud teaches you the basics about sociopaths. The web pages listed in Lovefraud’s horizontal red menu bar explain what you’re up against and link to helpful resources.

Lovefraud also includes a blog, with literally thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of comments. There are articles by experts, links to news stories that describe sociopathic behavior, and letters sent in by Lovefraud readers about their own experiences.

I post an article every Monday, and other authors contribute regularly as well. You can read the biographies of all our authors on the Author profiles page.

Lovefraud has another mission—helping people who have been targeted by sociopaths recover. You’ll see that many people comment about their own situations. If you have a question, ask it in a comment to an article. (Please, for your own protection, do not include any identifying information.) Someone will respond. If they don’t have an answer, they will at least offer support.

We welcome your comments. And please tell your friends to read Lovefraud. You may just save someone from becoming a target.

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