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Fraud prevention tips and checklists

Marie from is appalled by all the fraudulent activity in society, and is on a mission to fight it.

“I’ve been moved to action after a family member was taken advantage of by a scammer in Las Vegas, who banked on her love and dedication to her family and convinced her to wire him thousands of dollars before vanishing without a trace,” Marie says to Lovefraud.  “I can’t help but think that if we had taken steps to alert her to such scams — how to recognize them, how to be effectively cautious with her information, etc. — this could have been prevented.”

Here’s Marie’s list of websites with important information for preventing fraud. Take a look and share the links with everyone you know!

Fraud Prevention Checklist from

U.S. Department of Justice: Identity Theft and Identity Fraud

Guide to Preventing Home Improvement Fraud

Consumer Reports’ 9 Steps to Protect Against Credit Card Fraud

Avoid and Report Medicare Fraud

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