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I detected a sense of evilness and anger coming from him. I knew he was ready to kill me.

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Marguerite.”

This extremely attractive person started speaking to me while I was taking a break in the park one day. Because of his strong charisma, I related back.

We kept in touch afterward. I had just moved to NY and had nowhere to go so after a few weeks I moved in with him. I did wonder why he was by himself but I found out later.

One month after moving in he started hitting me in the face for no good reason. I was pretty shocked and angry.

Two days later he did the same thing. I was nauseated because the cut he caused in my mouth was re-opened. I never had that happen.

Anyway I realized I was in an abusive relationship. If I had somewhere else to go I would have left right away, but I didn’t so I stayed. The abuse continued and worsened, though for some reason I thought it would stop.

I got a job not long afterward, hoping to be able to move into my own apartment, the problem was I couldn’t save because he took my entire paycheck every week.

He would tell me where I could and couldn’t go. He was always accusing me of cheating for no reason.

My therapist told me he was a sociopath, which was something I had to look up. I logged on to Lovefraud and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He was exactly like the people I was reading about.

It started out saying ‘if you’re living with someone who is beating you up, get out of there. I wondered why until I found out some of them murder people. I said to myself, I didn’t think he would murder me, refusing to believe someone who lives with me would try that.

By then I had my own apartment and he was living with me something I didn’t want. So I put that to the back of my mind.

As the years rolled by, the beatings persisted. He continued to take every cent I ever had, he would sell all my clothing and whatever I got that he thought was sellable.

By then I quit working because there was no point. I tried saving money but thinking I had saved thousands, I checked my account to see what I had saved, and there was nothing there.

We had 2 kids. I was hoping they were ok, but I found out my son is like his father. During my pregnancies I had no idea what was wrong with him. I didn’t know he could pass on his condition.

My son has caused me a lot of trouble. I was told not to ever contact him again. I am actually my son’s target.

My daughter is normal, thank goodness.

After many more years of insanity and police contact with orders of protections, he started to quickly unravel, as if he wasn’t crazy enough.

One Sunday he woke up with a major frown on his face, which frightened me. I was so scared; I called the police.

When the cops got there they looked at him and they realized what they were dealing with. I started to speak to him and they told me, “Don’t say anything to him, you’ll make him mad.”

After he got out of jail he knew I wouldn’t let him in the house so he climbed through the window. That day I found out he was mad enough to kill me.

He showed me a hidden knife that he had placed in the bedroom closet. He grabbed on to a screwdriver and positioned it in his hand like he wanted to use it on me.

After walking around the house for an hour with the screwdriver in his hand like he was gonna kill me any second he put it down.

A few days later I checked the top shelf of my closet and there was a brand new box cutter that was opened and pointed directly at my bed.

I obviously knew I was going to have to leave my home because I was afraid to tell the police he was ready to kill me for fear they wouldn’t believe me. I knew my only choice was to leave my house.

A few days later he came home and I detected a tension in the air, like there was a funeral going on, I knew it was coming from him because it started after he walked in.

Then I detected a sense of evilness and anger coming from him. I knew he was ready to kill me. It felt like a demon was in the room.

So I immediately left my house. I didn’t take anything with me. I called the police to get him out of there so I could get some clothing and paperwork.

Like I told you earlier, I didn’t think the cops would take me seriously if I told them he was ready to kill me, even though I called the cops every month.

Since he violated an order of protection he remained in jail for two days, which gave me time to go back home to pick up a few things.

Being too afraid to go back to my house, he packed everything and put it all in storage. Everything was auctioned off because I called him to ask where my stuff was and he told me if I told him where I was he would tell me.

Needless to say I didn’t tell him.

He saw me on the street a couple of times and stalked me but I managed to get away.

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