The Atlantic tells the story of serial con man Derek Alldred and his multiple romance scams

Derek Alldred as a fake Navy SEAL

For several years, Lovefraud posted articles about Derek Alldred, a con man who scammed women in Minnesota, Texas and other states. He posed as a war hero, physician, investment banker and more, scamming about a dozen women out of more than $1 million.

The creep is finally in jail. And The Atlantic has written a comprehensive story of his exploits — and how his victims banded together to stop him.

The perfect man who wasn’t, on

My comments on the article:

  • Not once did the author mention any personality disorder. She made the statement that “America loves a con man.”
  • Because Alldred impersonated a Navy SEAL, he was investigated by NCIS. That’s the first time I heard of them going after a romance scammer. Maybe they’ll do it again.

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