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For Halloween: A real monster who liked to dress up

Russell Williams, used to be a pilot and commander in the Canadian military—until he was convicted of two murders, sexual assaults, and breaking into the bedrooms of women and girls to steal their underwear. He took photos of himself modeling the underwear—and stored them on his computer.

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Williams will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. A good article in the Vancouver Sun discusses his sexual predation. Most of the experts don’t think he will ever change.

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Australian man murdered sons to spite their mother

A judge sentenced Robert Farquharson to life in prison for driving his three young sons into a reservoir and allowing them to drown. The prosecutor told the jury that the deliberately killed the boys out of resentment and anger towards his former wife.

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Sociopaths and My Life as a World Ambassador: ‘My Mother, Myself’

By The Front Porch Talker

My father was a sociopath. He was many other things too. To my mother—and the world—he was an alcoholic and a sex addict. In those days, back in the sixties and seventies, they didn’t use the word, “sociopath.” Things were more black-and-white: either you were a psychopath, like, say, Richard Speck, the man who killed those nurses back in the day; or, you were an average American. To the world, my father was an average American who, by all appearances, was normal. Well, except for the booze and sex”¦

My mother, on the other hand, while also an alcoholic, just viewed herself as a bundle-of-nerves. And, a victim of my father who, as … Read more


Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from the reader who posts as “SocioSibs.”

What if you have reason to believe that someone you know is a serious danger to others?  You’ve known this person almost all your life, grew up together in the same family.

Until recently, this person had a huge menagerie of animals housed on an acre of land, including a horse, 13 dogs, 5 cats, turkeys & peacocks and possibly a parrot or 2.  Yet when she abandoned the property, all but 2 dogs she took with her disappeared in a span of just weeks.  Subsequent to this person’s latest move (one of 25 or so over a half-century), you found a couple of … Read more

Police fail to act on 102 warnings of abuse

A teenager from Wales is dead—killed by her father, after her mother contacted police 102 times, worried that the girl was being abused.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission report stated that although the police failed to act according to ‘best practices,” their inaction had no impact on the murder.

Read this outrageous story at Police ignored mother’s 102 warnings her daughter was being abused by her father ”¦ who then stabbed the teenager to death on

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Donna Andersen to appear in Princeton, NJ

If you live near Princeton, New Jersey (USA), please come by Borders Bookstore this Saturday, October 30, from 1 to 3 p.m. I’ll be discussing my new book Love Fraud: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

Several Lovefraud readers were in the audience this past Friday at the Borders Bookstore in Philadelphia. We had a wide-ranging, freewheeling discussion about sociopaths, and how to heal after sociopathic manipulation. I answered a lot of questions.

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Cyberlife and the sociopathic experience

Two recent news items about life in today’s digital age caught my attention:

News item #1

The evolution of dating: and Chadwick Martin Bailey Behavioral Studies uncover a fundamental shift

Recent studies of more than 11,000 people revealed that one in six marriages are now between people who met through an online dating site — more than twice the number of people meeting at bars, at clubs and other social events combined

Additionally, the studies show that one in five new committed relationships, including marriages, are between people who met on an online dating site.

News item #2

Facbook fueling divorce, research claims

Divorce lawyers claim the explosion in the popularity of websites such as Facebook and

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Man convinces women to molest their kids online

Steven Demink, from the Detroit area, is accused of convincing three women that he met online to molest their own children. Demink is in jail and the women are being prosecuted.

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Moving on with life

This week the Connecticut Medical Examining Board restored me to the full practice of medicine. Due to the fact that my ex-husband Barry Lichtenthal impersonated a physician and examined female patients in a clinic that I directed, my license was restricted. I am not going to retell the full story today but I am going to comment on some things I have kept silent about. For more details of the story you can read Barry Lichtenthal: Sexual predator ruins the career of Dr. Liane Leedom. Donna Andersen is an excellent journalist and did her own investigation in order to report the story. She uncovered details even I was unaware of.

I want to address the question of … Read more

Woman plots fake rape accusation

Kate Woodhead of the UK was angry at her live-in partner and vowed to take him down. She accused him of rape, had him thrown out of his home, took all his tailored suits and tried to sell his cars. It didn’t work—she was convicted of perverting the course of justice.

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