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Donna Andersen and Casey Jones interview tonight

Donna Andersen will appear on the True Facts with Jon Leiberman radio show tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Joining Donna in the interview is Casey Jones, a Lovefraud reader who is launching a website called Women Against Con Men. It’s a place where the names and photos of con artists can be posted.

Jon Leiberman, formerly a reporter with America’s Most Wanted, asks the women about their experiences with con men. Even though both lost a lot of money, they also both managed to turn the tables on the swindlers.

Listen to the show live at CyberstationsUSA.com. Just click the Live Radio button.

Man fakes Special Forces credentials to teach classes at FBI

William G. Hillar claimed Special Forces experience in multiple exotic countries. He claimed to be an expert in human trafficking, saying the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson, was based on his life. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, hired him to present classes and training.

Hillar was never in the Special Forces, and has pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

Read Former Monterey institute instructor Hillar pleads guilty to fraud on MontereyHerald.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.


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Pain connections, emotional and physical

New research shows that emotional and physical pain draw responses from the same regions of the brain.

Read To the brain, getting burned, getting dumped feel the same, on CNN.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

Prosecutor won’t be prosecuted for sexting

Former Wisconsin Prosecutor Ken Krantz sent racy text messages to a domestic violence victim. About 12 women complained about his behavior. He will not be charged with any crimes.

Read Ex-prosecutor won’t face charges over sexting on MSNBC.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Sociopaths change our beliefs about being human

Lovefraud received the following e-mail recently from a reader, who we’ll call “Iris.” She was married for 20 years to a man who she now realizes is a sociopath.

Murderer found guilty: He’s a sociopath, but not insane

Christopher Gribble, 21, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder of a New Hampshire woman. He and an accomplice weilded a knife and machete in a home invasion, killing the woman and severely injuring her daughter. Gribble tried the insanity defense. The jury rejected it.

Read NH man sentenced to life in woman’s slaying on News.Yahoo.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Being a “judgmental person” is more than okay–it is wise

By Ox Drover

Many people think of the term “judging others” in a negative way. I think a lot of this comes from the Biblical admonition found in which Jesus said,  “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1). Matthew 7:2-5 says, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” What Jesus was condemning here was hypocritical, self-righteous judgments of others.

A violent husband, police inaction, a brutal murder

A bully in the U.K. who harassed the family of his estranged wife is convicted of murdering her brother and hacking his body to pieces. And, police officers who failed to investigate thoroughly before the crime are disciplined.

Read Police officers facing disciplinary action for failings after murder victim’s severed thumb was dropped from the sky by a bird, on DailyMail.co.uk.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: I would rather be homeless than spend another day feeling soul-less

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader who we’ll call “Chelsea.”

Wow, my eyes have been opened! My soul is trying to heal from the wounds I suffered being with what I now know without a doubt is a genuine SP man!

My story begins on August 2005 when I walked into the restaurant and met who I thought was the most charming and compassionate man ever. I was with one of my best friends, and we began to chat when two fellows approached us and asked if we would like a drink. It seem harmless to us at the time, and we accepted their offer and began chatting with them. The first man seemed intoxicated and was acting very loud and immature. He was flirting with me and I was growing impatient by his rather obnoxious behavior. But his friend seemed to be pleasant and rather calm, so we began to chat.

Getting away with cyber crime

An Ohio man created several fake identities, impersonating American soldiers, and scammed multiple women. He admits that he did it. But because the victims were in scattered jurisdictions, and because the guy did not use the U.S. Mail, no one will prosecute him.

Read Fake soldier’s online crimes go unpunished on DaytonDailyNews.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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