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Arizona woman sentenced to death for murdering her 10-year-old cousin; just one of a family of child abusers

Samantha Allen )Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Samantha Allen, 29, was sentenced to death on Monday for killing her cousin. Ame Deal, 10, was locked in a plastic storage box because she stole a popsicle — and that’s where she died.

John Michael Allen, Samantha’s husband, will also stand trial for the murder.

But being locked in the box was just the final incident of abuse endured by Ame Deal. According to

Ame was forced to eat dog feces, crush aluminum cans barefoot, consume hot sauce and get in the storage box on other occasions. She also was kicked in the face, beaten with a wooden paddle and forcibly dunked after being thrown in a cold swimming pool,

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Ohio man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and crashing his car with her body in the trunk

Roy Owens Jr.

Editor’s note: The victim of this horrific crime was the cousin of Lovefraud contributor Dr. Amber Ault. In her cousin’s memory, Dr. Ault hopes to help others by offering her book, “The Five Step Exit,” for free. 

Linnea Satterfield, 56, of Elyria, Ohio, was reported missing by her sister on July 17, 2017. She had recently left the home that she shared with her boyfriend, Roy E. Owens Jr., 56. Neighbors and family members say Linnea was trying to escape an abusive relationship.

Two days later, Owens was arrested in Darke County, Ohio. He’d been driving in a ditch by the side of the road, wearing only his underwear and socks, and crashed into a … Read more

New Zealand woman steals $170,000 from her mother — and loses half to love fraud

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at

Irakau Ada Pehi, 60, who lives in Taranaki, New Zealand, was supposed to manage her 86-year-old mother’s finances. Instead of paying expenses according to her mother’s wishes, the woman stole $170,000.

Of that money, Pehi made for bank transfers, totaling $81,000, to an overseas bank. It turned out to be a Nigerian love scam.

Pehi pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year of home detention and 200 hours of community service.

Fraudster loses half of $170k she stole in Nigerian love scam, on


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Buzzfeed reports R&B star R. Kelly keeps a “cult” of women

R. Kelly in a photo posted on his website,

R. Kelly, a music superstar who has won multiple Grammy awards and sold more than 40 million records, allegedly keeps six women living in his properties in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, according to a report on Buzzfeed.

The mother of one of the women, a 21-year-old aspiring singer, says her daughter is “being held against her will” in a “cult.” The daughter says she’s doing fine.

Buzzfeed writes:

Three former members of Kelly’s inner circle — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — provided details supporting the parents’ worst fears. They said six women live in properties rented by Kelly in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs,

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Sex offender gets out of jail and rapes a 7-year-old girl, police say

Corbin James Breitenbach (Wichita Police Dept.)

Corbin James Breitenbach, 23, of Wichita, Kansas, had already done four years in prison for choking and raping a 22-year-old woman. He was released on April 28 — and six weeks later, he was arrested for breaking into a second-floor apartment bedroom, taking a 7-year-old girl out on to the balcony, and raping her.

A family member said that when Breitenbach was 17, “something changed him. He snapped.”

Psychopathy often kicks in at adolescence, and it sounds like that’s what happened.

Convicted sex offender, 23, sneaks into neighbor’s home and ‘rapes and chokes girl, SEVEN, just six weeks after being released from prison on parole for another assault’, on

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Catfishing victim, 19, shoots at man who scammed him

Chauncy Wilkerson (Baton Rouge Police Department)

Catfishing can be dangerous. Chauncy Wilkerson, 19, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, met a woman on the dating app TAGGED — except that it was really a man posing as a woman.

Wilkerson told the man not to come to his home. The guy showed up anyway, pulled into the driveway, drove towards Wilkerson and his mother, striking both of them. Wilkerson then fired four shots at the vehicle as it fled.

Wilkerson was arrested. No word on any consequences for the catfisher.

BRPD: 19-year-old fires shots at man posing as woman on social media app, on… Read more

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New York Justice Lori Sattler loses $1 million in email scam

Justice Lori Sattler (New York Courts)

Here’s proof that absolutely anyone can be scammed. Lori Sattler, a judge with the New York Supreme Court, lost more than $1 million in an email scam.

Sattler received an email that looked like it came from her real estate attorney. It instructed her to wire $1,057,500 to an account in Arizona. But her attorney never sent the email. Her money was transferred to the Commerce Bank of China.

Police are investigating.

New York Supreme Court judge scammed out of $1 million by just ONE EMAIL: Jurist wires cash to fraudsters pretending to be her lawyer while trying to sell her swanky apartment, on… Read more

Michelle Carter, 20, guilty of manslaughter for texting Conrad Roy III to kill himself

Back in 2014, Conrad Roy III, then 17, was struggling with depression. His ex-girlfriend, Michelle Carter, then 17, knew it. On July 12, Conrad prepared to commit suicide — and Carter sent him dozens of text messages, urging him to do it. Following are some of the messages:

Some of the text messages from Michelle Carter to Conrad Roy urging him to commit suicide.

Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on Friday.

The victim’s mother, Lynn Roy, says Carter has no conscience.

‘I don’t believe she has a conscience’: Heartbroken mother of teen who killed Read more

Videos of serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, who kept woman chained in a container

Todd Kohlhepp of Moore, S.C. Kohlhepp was arrested Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016, in connection to a woman being found chained inside a storage container on a property in Woodruff, SC. (Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Last year, sheriff’s deputies from Spartanburg County, South Carolina, found Kala Brown chained by her neck in a shipping container on property owned by Todd Kohlhepp.

Kala’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver, was dead. had shot him.

And he wasn’t the only person Kohlhepp had killed. In May, Kohlhepp was sentenced to seven consecutive life terms in prison. He pleaded guilty to seven counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping and one count of criminal sexual conduct.

The Independent Mail newspaper recently requested videos … Read more

Incest, rape and a useless social services agency

Robert Clark and Samantha Simmons (Rockbridge Regional Jail)

Half-siblings from rural Virginia were sentenced to more than 100 years in prison for seriously abusing two little girls.

Robert Eugene Clark, 39, received 65 years and Samantha Kay Simmons, 30, received 43 years.

In 2015, two sisters, aged 3 and 8, were discovered in a filthy trailer owned by the siblings that was crawling with bugs. The girls had been sexually abused.

The crimes are shocking enough. But three-quarters of the way through the story, Daily Mail reports that the local social services supervisor refused to enter complaints about the situation into the agency’s computer system and shredded others.

According to the grand jury report, the supervisor was quoted … Read more

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