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Con artist Derek Alldred scams women in Texas

Lovefraud has written about Derek Alldred before. He’s scammed women from California, Arizona and Minnesota out of thousands of dollars. Most recently, he moved on to Texas.

Alldred claims to be a Navy SEAL, doctor, lawyer or professor. Last year in Arizona, he pleaded no contest to theft. Then he failed to appear at his sentencing.

Perhaps he was already in Texas by then.

Man who romanced women for money wanted in Texas, on

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English breast cancer surgeon who performed unneeded operations jailed for 15 years

Ian Paterson

English breast cancer surgeon Ian Paterson performed unnecessary surgeries — including mastectomies — for more than a decade. Why? Possibly for the money.

Paterson was convicted 15 years in prison intentional wounding of 10 patients. According to Sky News, Judge Jeremy Baker said: “You deliberately played upon their worst fears, either by inventing or deliberately exaggerating the risk that they would develop cancer, and thereby gained their trust and confidence to consent to the surgical procedures which you carried out upon them.”

Rogue breast cancer surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years, on

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Texas nurse, in prison for killing one child, suspected of killing 60 more

Genene Jones (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

Genene Jones, 66, was convicted of killing a 15-month-old girl back in 1982, and sickening a 4-week-old boy, when she was a pediatric nurse in Texas. Jones was sentenced to 99 years and 60 years for her crimes, which she is serving concurrently. She was due to be released next year, because of a mandatory release law.

But Jones has just been charged with another crime — the 1981 death of an 11-month-old boy. Authorities suspect she may have killed as many as 60 children between 1977 and 1982 — they all died either during or shortly after her shifts in hospitals and clinics around San Antonio.

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Ken Boyer, 60, cheats with multiple women while claiming to have cancer

Ken Boyer, who claimed to have cancer. (Facebook)

You need a score card to keep track of all the women Ken Boyer, 60, has targeted, seduced and defrauded — all while claiming to be dying of cancer.

Boyer recently reconnected with his “long lost love,” Michelle Kimbrell, and married her — despite the fact that he had also proposed to Karen Hagerty, Cheryl Alvarez and Barbara Jones.

Barbara Jones is suing him to get back the $22,000 of her money that he allegedly blew on dental work, a customized Harley Davidson and shady investments.

One of his four ex-wives said Boyer has been claiming to have stage 4 liver cancer since 2010.

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Life is rough for ‘Long Island Lolita,’ who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face

Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher

In 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, of Long Island, New York, opened her front door — and life as she knew it changed forever.

Amy Fisher, then 16 years old and having an affair with Joey Buttafuoco, Mary Jo’s husband, shot her in the face.

Mary Jo survived and identified her assailant. Amy Fisher, dubbed the “Long Island Lolita,” served seven years in prison. She showed no remorse. Now, she can’t get a date and her kids have no friends.

‘Long Island Lolita’ Amy Fisher, who shot the wife of her 35-year-old lover when she was 16, returns to New York after her kids were ruthlessly tormented in Florida, on

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Adrian Jones case – proof that psychopaths do not love their children

Adrian Jones, while he was healthy.

Seven-year-old Adrian Jones was systematically beaten and tortured by his father and stepmother. When he finally died, his father fed him to pigs.

This has got to be the worst story of psychopathic abuse of a child that I’ve ever seen.

The parents, Michael and Heather Jones, have both been sentenced to 25 years in prison for their crimes.

This case also points to the ineptitude of the child protective services in Kansas and Missouri. The child told caseworkers he was being beaten, but they let him go back to the family.

It is an outrage from start to finish.

‘My daddy keeps hitting me in the head’: Adrian Jones, 7, told Read more

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Man accused of murdering his son, 3, called “jealous” and “paranoid”

David Creato and his son, Brendan.

The body of little Brendan Creato, age 3, was discovered near the Cooper River in Haddon Township, New Jersey, on Oct. 13, 2015. His father, David J. Creato, has been charged in his murder.

Prosecutors allege that Creato killed his son to stop his then 17-year-old girlfriend, Julia Stensky, from leaving him. Testifying in court, Stensky said she was unhappy about the presence of the boy in Creato’s life.

Stensky also said that Creato became suspicious when she went away to college. He questioned her about interactions with male students, and checked her social media accounts.

Ex-girlfriend: Creato ‘tried his best,’ on

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Wow! Child custody, parental alienation and narcissistic personality disorder in the news

Alex Jones, radio broadcaster and founder of, and his former wife, Kelly Jones, were in court recently in a child custody battle.

Their three children had been living with Alex Jones. But the court awarded Kelly Jones joint custody with the right to make her home the children’s primary residence.

What surprised me about this story was that the reporting included the parties’ claims of parental alienation, brainwashing, emotional dysregulation and narcissistic personality disorder. These are all the issues that typically come up in custody battles with sociopaths — but that rarely get any attention.

Also — this was actually a jury trial. That is highly unusual in a custody case.

Read for yourself:

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Girl, 17, and her boyfriend, 18, murder her grandparents as they slept

Cassandra Bjorge

Cassandra Bjorge

Wendy and Randall Bjorge, both 63, won custody of their granddaughter, Cassandra, 17, last year. The teenager lived with them in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

But Cassandra said she “had basically had enough.” So she and her boyfriend, Johnny Rider, 18, allegedly murdered them.

After the grandparents had gone to bed, they broke into the house, bludgeoned them and slit their throats.

Teen couple invited friends over to smoke weed and party after murdering girlfriend’s grandparents and hiding their bodies in the house, on… Read more

Con man Lasse Hartmann guilty of scamming more than 20 people out of £104,000


Lasse Hartmann (Police photo)

A British food blogger, Adanma Wokoh, thought she found her soul mate.

Her fiancé, Lars Patreus, was a multi-millionaire wine trader, formerly active in Danish Special Forces, and had provided mental coaching to the elite runner, Usain Bolt.

Actually, he was a Danish con man, Lasse Hartmann, who had recently been released from prison for scamming his own father.

Hartmann was convicted of 22 counts of fraud in Snaresbrook Crown Court in the United Kingdom. He will be sentenced on April 28.

Bride-to-be ‘discovered her entrepreneur fiance was a wine scam fraudster who duped suppliers at their £50,000 wedding and spent just £20 on her fake engagement ring’, on

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