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Joe Morrissey, jailed for sex with a 17-year-old employee, leads Richmond’s race for mayor

Eight people are running for mayor of Richmond, Virginia. In a poll released a few weeks ago, Joe Morrissey held a comfortable lead, with 28% of the vote. The second-place candidate had 16%.

Morrissey, a former prosecutor and state delegate, has a lot of name recognition probably because he’s in the news a lot for bad behavior.

  • Morrissey was busted for having sex with a 17-year-old assistant in his law firm. First he denied everything, then, when the girl turned out to be pregnant, married her.
  • Morrissey went to jail for fighting a defense attorney, and for beating a contractor.
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3 Mixed Messages Toxic People Use to Manipulate Your Affection

Amber AultBy Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW

Cognitive dissonance the mixed perceptions and feelings that result from inconsistent experiences helps to explain why people find it difficult to leave toxic relationships.

On the one hand, the toxic partner tells us they love us; on the other, they engage in behavior that is cruel, disrespectful, or exploitive. Our brains work overtime trying to make sense of these mixed messages —and in the process, we often stay longer than makes sense; in the meanwhile, the toxic partner continues to benefit from our attention, support, and resources.

Here are three mixed messages that toxic partners often create through their words and actions:

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Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, offers FREE online chat support group Sunday Sept. 25

Mary Ann GlynnExperience the support of people who know! Join our free online live chat support group next Sunday night, Sept. 25, 8 pm EDT at www.destructiverelationshipshelp.com.  Share your struggles and get feedback, support, and hope from others who get it.  The group is professionally run.  

Here’s how to join:

At 8 pm come to the site and scroll down the home page to the Services section. Click on the highlighted “live chat support group,” and you will be brought to the chat room as a Guest#.

Hope to see you there!

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Gaslighting and one key behavior that reveals a sociopath’s true character

Here’s the next installment of Letters to Lovefraud. Because of her medical issues, a Lovefraud reader doesn’t want to have sex with her boyfriend and suddenly her keys are missing. Is he retaliating? 

I explain that the boyfriend’s behavior may be even worse than retaliating it may be gaslighting. His objective is to make her doubt her own perceptions so that she is more easily controlled. And that’s not the only issue. The bigger problem is why is he demanding sex when she is in pain?

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Philadelphia Inquirer quotes Donna Andersen in romance scam story

Donna Andersen

Donna Andersen, author of Lovefraud.com

When serial scammer Patrick Giblin, of Ventnor, New Jersey, was arrested again for attempting to swindle women through dating sites, Barbara Boyer, a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, called me. She was writing an article about romance scams.

I wasn’t scammed by Giblin, but I covered his case. And after my own experience with a con artist, and all the cases I’ve collected, well, I’m an expert on the topic.

The story is in today’s newspaper. Read it here:

Victim of romance fraud: ‘He took everything I had. My self-esteem, my money,’ on Philly.com.

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I detected a sense of evilness and anger coming from him. I knew he was ready to kill me.

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Marguerite.”

This extremely attractive person started speaking to me while I was taking a break in the park one day. Because of his strong charisma, I related back.

We kept in touch afterward. I had just moved to NY and had nowhere to go so after a few weeks I moved in with him. I did wonder why he was by himself but I found out later.

One month after moving in he started hitting me in the face for no good reason. I was pretty shocked and angry.

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The murder trial that’s rocked the UK

The Archers

Actor Timothy Watson, who plays Rob Titchener, with the actress Louiza Partikas, who plays Helen, in BBC Radio 4 soap ‘The Archers.’

By our reporter in Borchester, Michael Path

Charismatic, charming and controlling Rob Titchener, the ‘perfect’ husband and step-father, was knifed by his heavily pregnant wife Helen last April after she decided to leave him. Shortly before the knife attack, Titchener told her she was ‘clingy, feeble-minded, an over-sensitive harpy, desperate to be loved, desperate to be needed . . . An unhinged, single-parent disaster zone, a lonely, frigid spinster just yearning for a real man to complete her’.

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How Sociopaths Use “Triangulation” To Maintain Control

Husband Liar Sociopath

Every week, a chapter of my book, “Husband, Liar, Sociopath: How He Lied, Why I Fell For It & The Painful Lessons Learned” (available via Amazon.com, just click on the title or book cover) will be published here on Lovefraud. To read prior chapters, please see the links at the bottom of the post.

Chapter 23: Devil Woman

Unable to abandon the premise that Paul was fundamentally a good, loving, honest man who truly cared about me, I had to explain his behavior in some other way. Still not ready to conclude that I was an essentially selfish, controlling person, as Paul often suggested, the more extreme Paul’s moments of weirdness became, the more I assumed he must be under severe stress or depressed. I needed to love and support him through whatever was going on.

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Leaving abusive relationships is especially hard for lesbians – what therapists need to know

Due to shame, fear and hopelessness, anyone caught in an abusive relationship finds it difficult to leave. But for lesbians, who already feel stigmatized, the barriers to seeking help are even greater.

“Therapists may hold stereotypes that intimate partner violence doesn’t occur in same-sex relationships between women, or that in the absence of physical violence, same-sex relationships do not include cycles of abuse,” says Dr. Amber Ault, a clinical sociologist and psychotherapist based in Madison, Wisconsin. “Women in same-sex relationships often hold the same beliefs.”

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Patrick Giblin, who scammed 132 women, is charged with more crimes

Patrick M. Giblin

Patrick M. Giblin

Lovefraud has been following the case of con man Patrick Giblin for years.

Between 2000 until 2005, Giblin, of Ventnor, New Jersey, defrauded 132 women out of a total of $320,241 and blew the money in Atlantic City casinos.

He was sentenced to 115 months in prison. He was released on probation and went right back to scamming women. So after finishing his prior sentence, he has just been charged again with the additional crimes.

New Jersey con man charged with using dating services to scam women, on philly.com

Read the Patrick Giblin case on True Lovefraud Stories:

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