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Dr. Laura Rubiales: Sociopaths, PTSD and the Mind Body Connection

By Dr. Laura Rubiales

After reading an e-mail with the accusatory gibberish/provoking/non-responsibility-taking BS that only a sociopath or other bona-fide Cluster B personality disordered person can seem to write, I found myself with palpitations, panicked, blood pressure rising, on the verge of a spiking migraine and barely able to breathe. I immediately called a girlfriend to therapeutically debrief. In her gorgeous Louisiana Southern drawl she said, “Darlin,’ you just don’t mess with crazy.”

In all I have learned about the nervous system from over 20 years of studying and working with sick people, let me tell you why it is best to just “not mess with crazy” from a physiological perspective.

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BTK Serial killer in his own words on Oxygen Network Sept. 2

Most sociopaths never kill anyone. But some of them do commit cold, calculated murder, and they want the credit for it.

Dennis Rader, the BTK Serial Killer (BTK stands for bind, torture and kill) murdered 10 people over 30 years. Towards the end, he sent letters to both the media and the police, taunting them and bragging about the murders. His communications eventually got him caught.

Snapped: Notorious BTK Serial Killer airs Sunday, September 2 at 6 pm on the Oxygen network.

Read more about the BTK killer and his crimes here:

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Sociopaths leave us totally disoriented — here’s why

Pensive woman


Most of us grow up believing that all people are created equal, that human beings are basically good, and everybody wants to be loved. These are the messages we learn in school, in church, and in the age of political correctness, from the media.

These beliefs are the lenses through which we view the world and the people in it. Our beliefs influence how we perceive and understand the behavior of those we meet. And, for 84 percent of the population, the beliefs work just fine.

Bad treatment

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Living with a Sociopath

Well where do I start? I guess right from the beginning.


I was 31 when I met the most handsome charming man in the world, I had travelled well, I used to be a holiday rep abroad, so I thought I was a pretty good judge of character……..

I met him on a night out with friends, on a Saturday Night, we talked all night long, I even went back to his place (no funny business) and we talked all night there too!!

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After the sociopath: Courage is fear that said its prayers

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader whom we’ll call “Carol18.”

I’m a 62-year-old woman who left a sociopath husband three years ago. I went online to meet who I thought was my dream man. He was charming; the second date he said I will treat you like no other man has ever treated you before. That was the only true thing he ever said to me.

He was romantic my Prince Charming, bought flowers, cards. Then after I fell in love, he tells me he had cancer, had a job as a cook (profile said chef) and financially secure.

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Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman arrested as part of Keith Ranier’s Nxivm cult

Keith Ranier (YouTube)

Now, a cult for the rich and famous. Clare and Sara Bronfman, heiresses to the Seagram Company, gave $65 million to Keith Raniere, who founded a self-help group called Nxivm (pronounced “Nexium,” like the heartburn medication).

Last March, Raniere was charged in federal court with coercing women to have sex with him by threatening to reveal damaging secrets about them.

On July 24, Clare Bronfman was charged with conspiracy and criminal racketeering.

The organization even had a secret “sorority” for women, who were branded during the initiation ceremony. It was run like a pyramid scheme of “masters” and “slaves.”

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Woman allegedly planned to kill her mother to get money for online love scammer

Roxanne Reed.

Roxanne Reed had fallen for an online love scammer. The 65-year-old woman from Raleigh, North Carolina, was sending him money.

Reed thought she was talking to a physical therapist and business owner from Texas. But that man’s identity had been stolen by the scammer.

Reed sent text messages to the scammer, saying she would kill her mother, although it’s unclear how she’d get money from that to send to the scammer.

Woman plotted to kill her mother for online love scam: police, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.


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Emotional and psychological abuse, described by 12 Lovefraud readers

What does emotional and psychological abuse look like? Here are a dozen examples provided by respondents to the Lovefraud Senior Sociopath Survey:

1 . Any arguments that happened as a result of me bringing up something he had done or said were always flipped to be my fault and I would end up crying and apologising and he would withhold affection.

2 . He would tell me that I was perfect and then if he didn’t like my behavior he would say I needed to change

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Upcoming webinar: Friend or foe in your custody battle? Understanding court-appointed professionals

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Friend or foe in your custody battle? Understanding best interest attorneys, custody evaluators and parenting coordinators
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If you’re divorcing a sociopath, and you have children with this person, the chances are good that you’ll end up in a custody battle.

It’s not that your soon-to-be-ex really cares about the children and wants to be in their lives. In reality, the sociopath wants to punish you, and the most painful way to do that is through the children.

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