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One predator priest abused five sisters in the same family — now they tell their stories

One predator priest, Father Augustine Giella, groomed and sexually assaulted five girls from the same family — the Fortneys, of Enhaut, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. The abuse began in 1982, when Giella was assigned to their parish, but none of the girls talked about what happened until decades later.

The family received a settlement from the Diocese of Harrisburg. It was accompanied by a gag order. Only now, after the recently released grand jury on sexual abuse in Pennsylvania’s Catholic churches, are they talking.

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Australian woman loses her man and money in visa love scam

Ben Fordham, a radio host in Australia, recently interviewed a woman victimized in a love scam. She told her story of being falling madly in love with a “perfect” man from Italy, marrying him, sponsoring his visa to Australia, sponsoring his family from Italy to come to Australia, taking out a $100,000 loan to buy a restaurant so his family could work there — only to be abandoned by all of them.

‘Don’t allow yourself to be isolated:’ Visa love-scam caution on

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Is he really a psychopath or not?

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from “mikabiel.” Her first language is Portuguese and the letter was electronically translated. 

I need a lot of help to understand if this creature that has passed through my life is a psychopathic narcissist. I will try to be brief, because it is too many details that intrigued me and I ignored it because I thought it was a simple one with no cuddly notion.

He was my husband’s best friend and I was just married. I had a gym he enrolled and I was a teacher, we became friends quickly. One day he appeared on Saturday to help paint the gym. I asked myself, He did it, I saw him very lonely, without friends, needing activity, so we were narrowing the friendship.

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My sociopathic partner: Once the smoke begins to clear…

Chapter 1-wow!  You’re an amazing guy!

It all began innocently…my daughter’s halloween party invite which happened to include an invite of his daughter too. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the horror insanity and chaos we were about to embark on.

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Woman with 17 identities charged with murdering her co-worker

Kimberly Kessler

Joleen Cummings, a 34-year-old hairstylist, didn’t show up to see her three kids on Mothers Day. Her co-worker, Kimberly Kessler, 44, has been charged in her murder.

Kessler has allegedly lived in 33 different cities and assumed 17 identities since 1996. She was seen on surveillance video getting out of Cummings’ car, but has denied killing the woman. She is not cooperating with authorities.

Woman who’s allegedly assumed 17 identities in 20 years charged with co-worker’s murder, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.


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10 Facts to help you explain your experience with a sociopath

The biggest reason why we get tangled up with sociopaths is because we don’t know they exist. We don’t know they live among us, so we don’t watch out for them, so we get in trouble.

Then, when we try to tell our friends and families what happened, they have no idea what we’re talking about — because they don’t know sociopaths exist either. So on top of the devastation we endure from the sociopath, when we turn to others for support, we are not understood or even believed.

If you’re trying to explain your experience with a sociopath, here are some facts to help you put your story in context:

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MaryAnn Glynn, LCSW, to host free conference call support group 9/23

  • Experience the support of people who know!  Join our free support group Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 5 pm EST.  Go to and use the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page to state your interest in joining.  Do this every time even if you have joined us before!  We will reply to you with instructions to join the conference call.  It is anonymous and no personal information is displayed or shared.
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He never had those feelings for me — it was all a lie, an act

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader whom we’ll call “Cecilia18.”

I didn’t marry “my” sociopath. I didn’t live with him. I didn’t have children with him. I’m not even sure you could call what passed for a relationship “dating.” Nevertheless, he messed up my life for several years.

I’ll call him John. He was a local radio host, and I was a fan. I enjoyed listening to him banter with his producer/on-air sidekick and with his wife when she called in. Looking back, I don’t know why I liked him so much. He made a lot of jokes at the expense of others, including minorities and seniors. This is not my thing at all! But there was something about him: He was witty and clever and charismatic. I remember thinking he would be so much fun to hang out with – not just him, but his wife, too.

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Cheating dentist convicted of murdering his girlfriend’s toddler, and trying to have her killed also

Bert Franklin (Oklahoma City Jail)

Bert Franklin, 35, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was convicted of first-degree murder for killing his girlfriend’s 19-month-old son, Lincoln Lewis. Franklin dropped the boy on his head, kicked him, and then held his limp body while he ate a piece of pizza.

Once arrested, Franklin tried from jail to hire someone to murder his girlfriend, Roxanne Randall.

Franklin will be sentenced on October 19, 2018.

Married dentist murdered girlfriend’s toddler — then tried to hire someone to kill victim’s mom, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.


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I almost married a sociopath, and to this day I don’t know what his motives were

Spath TalesEditor’s note: This story was written by the Lovefraud reader, “marinapearl.”

I almost married a sociopath. He seemed like my perfect match at first: kind, funny, generous, respectful. We had everything in common. We moved much more quickly than I would have thought possible for me, as I am usually very cautious, but this was unlike any relationship I’d ever had. We were “soulmates,” “meant to be.”

Before long we were engaged. Everything was going well, except for when we would argue. Every time we had the slightest disagreement, he would have a meltdown. Nothing was ever his fault, and he always managed to make me feel bad for saying anything. I just thought he was really sensitive, but it concerned me that nothing ever got resolved.

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