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By | October 6, 2018 0 Comments

Video: Why you need the right attorney when you’re divorcing a sociopath

Most divorces are bad. Divorces involving a narcissist, sociopath, psychopath or other disordered spouses are catastrophes. The best way to get through the emotional and financial minefield is to have an attorney who is up to the challenge.

Susan Shofer, the Divorce Consultant, teaches you how to choose that attorney in her upcoming webinar:

How to choose the right attorney when you’re divorcing a disordered spouse
Thursday, Nov. 1, 8-9 pm ET • $25
Instructor: Susan Shofer, the Divorce Consultant

Sign up today!

How to choose the right attorney when you’re divorcing a disordered spouse

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By | October 5, 2018 3 Comments

Do you want to tell your story? Complete the Lovefraud Media survey!

Donna Andersen being interviewed for the TV show, ‘Who the Bleep Did I Marry?’

Lovefraud’s primary goal is to educate the public about sociopaths. One of the most powerful ways to do that is for people like you to tell your story.

Many Lovefraud readers have told me that reading about the experiences of others on Lovefraud is incredibly validating. They learn that no, they aren’t crazy — others have been through the same madness.

Would you like to share your story? If so, please complete the Lovefraud Media Survey.

Your story may be chosen to be published on Lovefraud as a “Spath Tale” — these stories are always posted anonymously — without any identifying information.

Lovefraud also … Read more

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She was diagnosed as bipolar, but she is definitely personality disordered

Spath TalesLovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Kenny18.”

I was targeted, lied to about her past regarding previous relationships, she contacted me while she was dating someone else, I was love bombed, she moved in, tried to isolate me from my friends and family, she was rude to my family, she was verbally and physically abusive to me, she told me on multiple occasions that she hated her 8-year-old son and wished she never had him, in earshot of him, she vandalized my truck, the list goes on.

Before she physically assaulted me, she asked me, “Who gets the house in case something happens to you?” I replied “my family,” since she was living … Read more

By | October 2, 2018 0 Comments

Con man smiles and winks as he’s sentenced for scamming four women

Mauricio Palomino.

Mauricio Palomino, a contractor in New York City, was sentenced to three to nine years in prison for scamming his former girlfriends. Apparently he thought it was funny. He laughed and joked with his lawyer, and then winked at a news photographer as he was led out of the courtroom.

Palomino took a total of $80,000 from four women between 2012 and 2014. He racked up charges on their credit cards and accepted loans from them that he never repaid. He was also accused of threatening several of his victims.

Con man ‘gigolo’ was all smiles at sentencing, on

Construction boss accused of moonlighting as gigolo to swindle lovers, on… Read more

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By | October 1, 2018 4 Comments

‘Dark core of personality’ — what antisocials, psychopaths, sadists and other miscreants have in common

man in maskIs the disordered person in your life antisocial, narcissistic, borderline, psychopathic — or perhaps even Machiavellian or a sadist?

You may have struggled to figure out which definition applies, perhaps reasoning that a narcissist isn’t as bad as a psychopath. In reality, all of these disorders are bad news — people who have them engage in similar destructive behavior.

Now, research from Europe shows that all of these disorders share a common denominator. In a paper called The Dark Core of Personality, Ingo Zettler, a psychology professor at the University of Copenhagen, and two German colleagues, define the “D-factor” at the dark core. They write:

All dark traits can be traced back to the general tendency of

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By | September 28, 2018 0 Comments

MaryAnn Glynn, LCSW, to host free conference call support group 10/7/18 at 5pm EST

  Experience the support of people who know!  Join our free support group Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 5 pm EST.  Go and use the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page to state your interest in joining.  Do this every time even if you have joined us before!  We will reply to you with instructions to join the conference call.  It is anonymous and no personal information is displayed or shared.

Share your struggles, questions, get feedback and clarity from people who get it!  Hope to meet you there!… Read more

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By | September 28, 2018 0 Comments

New Lovefraud webinar: How to choose the right attorney when you’re divorcing a disordered spouse

In her high-conflict divorce, Susan Shofer went through five different attorneys, which cost her a lot of time and money — a very expensive lesson. Now, Susan shares what she learned with Lovefraud. If you’re divorcing a sociopath, you can draw on her expertise so that you can pick the right attorney the first time.

Live webinar:

How to choose the right attorney when you’re divorcing a disordered spouse
Thursday, Nov. 1, 8-9 pm ET • $25
Instructor: Susan Shofer, the Divorce Consultant

More info

“All attorneys are not alike, so it is imperative that you find an excellent one; one that understands your case and what your objectives are,” Susan says. “When it comes to acquiring the … Read more

By | September 27, 2018 3 Comments

How much do psychopaths really cost our society?

Kaboni Savage was a drug kingpin in Philadelphia. On his orders, his crew firebombed the home of a federal witness in 2004, killing six people, including four children. Savage was sentenced to death in May, 2013.

A few months later, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an article about the cost of prosecuting Kaboni Savage: Bill for Savage trial easily tops $10 million:

No one protested when a federal jury recommended in June that Kaboni Savage be put to death.

In just a few years, Savage had left a grisly trail in North Philadelphia. He gunned down one man, ordered the killing of five others, and directed the 2004 rowhouse firebombing that killed four children and two women.

The cocaine,

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By | September 26, 2018 9 Comments

After the Narcissist, You Will Recover

“A Narcissist doesn’t just break your heart, they break your spirit….that’s why it takes so long to heal.” — narcissist_survivor

After experiencing and living through emotional abuse and trauma, there are days where you will feel like you can’t move forward, where you feel worthless, where nothing matters anymore…..but I am here to tell you recovery IS possible.

Right after the truth was revealed and after my relationship with my abuser ended, I was shocked, devastated, and a reeling mess. There were so many emotions that I would transition to, from hour to hour….for months. I couldn’t believe my reality or even comprehend that I had been taken to this place of depression and self-destruction. I suffered from … Read more

By | September 25, 2018 0 Comments

Reality TV surgeon and his girlfriend charged with drugging and molesting women

Grant William Robicheaux, 38, a California orthopedic surgeon, and his girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, have been charged with drugging and sexually assaulting two women.

Authorities say there may be more victims. The couple had video taped hundreds, if not thousands, of sexual encounters with women.

Four years ago, Robicheaux appeared on the Bravo television show, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male.

It sounds like these two should star in a show called, Dating Rituals of Depraved Predators.

O.C. surgeon, girlfriend, charged with drugging, sexually assaulting women, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.… Read more

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