Recovery from a sociopath

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 8: ACCEPT

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 7: FORGIVE

I promise to love and forgive, in sickness and in health, till death do us part… so the line goes. Was this a sickness many of us ask ourselves, sometimes with deep emotional wounds of guilt and shame, curious if we have broken those sacred marriage vows?

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 6: REFLECT

How do I forgive myself for staying in a relationship with a sociopath?

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Lovefraud recently received the following email:

I suspected that my ex boyfriend was a sociopath, but your website confirmed it. I always thought that sociopaths were murderers like Ted Bundy or Casey Anthony, but I realize now that the vast majority lead “normal” lives (whatever that means).

I’m a divorced mom with a precious little daughter. My ex boyfriend was the first man I dated after a long and abusive marriage to an alcoholic. I was with my ex boyfriend a little over 2 years, although he exhibited signs of sociopathic (or what I considered narcissistic) behavior, including chronic infidelity, pathological lying, a grandiose sense of self, a total lack of empathy (particularly towards his five children whom he rarely saw), a lack of responsibility, impulsivity, etc. You get the picture.

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 5: BATHERMOSTAT

If you are like me, you probably don’t even question why the sun rises every morning and sets in the evening. It seems like we expect it to happen and we don’t even get curious to question it. It simply is a natural process that happens to be consistent every single day. How about a clock? Have you wondered why do those hands constantly circle to the right? I have never really wondered what they are chasing on and on, but they are consistent too. I know sometimes you and I wish we could stop the time, or go back in time to edit a part of our life, to cut a section of that film, trash it and put the parts back together. But it’s not how it works sadly. The time moves on, it never stops, so does the clock. It consistently has its hands circling to the right.

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 4: FEEL

Let me ask you a simple question, how are you feeling today? Let me guess your simple answer… it’s probably a four-letter F word.

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 3: THINK

Do you think doctors should be allowed to tell patients “I’m afraid you have a terminal illness”? Why can’t they just be honest and tell them “I am afraid my ability to treat your illness has terminated”? Well then what happens if there is an illness that neither the doctors nor the patients are aware of, a potentially terminal illness that only affects victims of psychopathic abuse? Let’s just call them brain worms that nobody understands yet, brain parasites that are the residues of those relationships.

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 2: BREAGRIEVE

Marley and I made a delicious breakfast this morning and enjoyed it on our sunny balcony. We then had the arduous task of digesting the food. We sat there for hours directing all our energy and efforts to help that food pass through our system, we tried hard mixing it with digestive juices, causing large molecules of food to break down into smaller ones to help it nourish our body. Is this actually what we do in reality?

Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 1: AWAKENING

Introducing a FREE 30-day mind/body recovery program, created by a Lovefraud reader

Ruzanna Dinger and Marley

Ruzanna Dinger recently escaped a traumatic situation — one that many, many Lovefraud readers can identify with. While in the midst of it, she experienced worrisome physical symptoms — blackouts, heart palpitations, panic attacks. To get through her troublesome journey, she is using calming mind/body techniques and exercises. Ruzanna now wants to share her healing journey with Lovefraud readers.

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