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Grounding techniques to recover from a sociopath

Once you become aware of your emotional reactions to the sociopath through mindfulness [see previous article, Leaving the Sociopath: Gathering Strength and Losing Fear], it gives you more detachment from them. Instead of being immersed in a negative state (e.g. a state of panic created by your partner having a hostile behavior toward you, or perhaps your partner not coming home when they’re supposed to), you also become ­– in however slight a way — an observer of it. This will help you feel more of a sense of control over your emotion. Trying to get the sociopath to understand your hurt, loneliness, etc, or meet one of your needs, is an exercise in futility. Now that you have more awareness and detachment, rather than further engaging in a frustrating useless conflict with the sociopath, you can learn to make yourself feel better on your own.

Exterminator arrested in brutal slaying of Philadelphia doctor

Jason Smith, of Levittown, PA, was arrested by police last week, charged with murdering Melissa Ketuniti, a Philadelphia pediatrician. He went to her home to take care of a problem with mice. Read coverage in the Philadelphia Daily News:

Bucks County exterminator charged with killing Philadelphia pediatrician

Exclusive: Portrait of an accused killer

New details on accused killer’s exposure charge

Dark Triad in the office: Psychopath, Machiavellian, narcissist

In his new book, Oliver James, a British psychologist and TV broadcaster, describes the worst of white-collar workers.

Why your boss could easily be a psychopath, on Telegraph.co.uk.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

Sociopathic confidence and conviction, even when they’re lying

Downton Abbey was on TV last night, and Terry and I are among the millions of fans. Last night’s episode (Season 3, Episode 4) ended in tragedy because of behavior that looked so familiar to me.

(Spoiler Alert: The following description gives away the story.)

Lord Grantham’s daughter, Lady Sybil, is about to give birth. Rather than depend on the local country doctor, Dr. Clarkson, Lord Grantham has imported a more socially acceptable obstetrician, Sir Philip Tapsell, to deliver the baby. As the birth approaches, both doctors are in attendance at the estate.

Prevent Theft of Your Child’s Identity

By Elaine Walker, Certified Fraud Examiner

We’re constantly bombarded with advertisements for products to keep us safe from identity theft. Let’s separate the facts from scare tactics.

According to the Institute for Fraud Prevention, 60% of identity theft is perpetrated by someone the victim knows: a family member, friend, or someone who has access to the victim’s home. LoveFraud readers know that the sociopath in their lives would have no problem starting a new financial life using a child’s identity.

Internet blackmail of underage girls

This shocking story details how rings of webcam predators and blackmailers convince girls to video themselves naked, and then mercilessly harass them sometimes to the point of suicide.

Cowards are blackmailing young women to death on the Internet, on Vice.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

Father arrested in death of Prince McLeod Rams

Back in October, the Lovefraud community was shocked to learn that the toddler son of our own contributor, Cappuccino Queen, went to his father’s home for a court-ordered visitation and did not return. Today the child’s father, Joaquin Rams, was arrested for his murder.

Joaquin Rams arrested for allegedly killing Prince McLeod Rams, on WJLA.com.

Dr. Liane Leedom will be posting about this case soon.

Woman sues Match.com after date assaults her

Mary Kay Beckman of Las Vegas met Wade Ridley on Match.com. Eight days later, she broke up with him. Four months after that, Ridley allegedly tried to kill her, stabbing her 10 times and stomping on her head.

Mary Kay Beckman sues Match.com after Wade Ridley allegedly tried to murder her, on HuffingtonPost.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

“Charlie Brown” actor charged with stalking girlfriend

Peter Robbins, who was the voice actor for “Charlie Brown” in several Peanuts cartoons, was arrested for stalking his former girlfriend and threatening her plastic surgeon. Robbins paid for the girlfriend’s breast implants and wanted his money back.

Voice actor for Charlie Brown arrested in Calif., on Yahoo.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Emotional versus sentimental in dealing with psychopaths

By Joyce Alexander RNP (retired)

Back when I was a teenager, I had an opportunity to travel to Africa, where I met a man who was to become world famous, and was almost single handedly responsible for the saving of both the black and white rhinos, Dr. Ian Player (the brother of golfer Gary Player.) Recently, the belief of rhino horn as a “cure all” has gotten to where the price for a single horn can top $400,000. This has caused the poaching of these wonderful animals, which still number less than 5,000 black rhinos and about 21,000 white rhinos, most of them located in South Africa.

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