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Sheriff and his female deputy have an affair; now they’re charged with multiple felonies

Jennifer Tomaszewski, Texas County deputy

Jennifer Tomaszewski, 38, scored a job as a jailer in Texas County, Missouri, hired by the sheriff at the time, James Sigman. Tomaszewski and Sigman soon began an affair. Seven months later, she is promoted, and the whole sheriff’s department starts falling apart.

Now both Tomaszewski and Sigman are charged with felonies, including assault, robbery, harassment, child endangerment and unlawful use of a weapon.

It sounds like someone is disordered — maybe him, maybe her, maybe both.

Former Missouri sheriff, deputy had affair, now indicted on multiple felonies, on… Read more

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Forget the checklist — after the sociopath pay attention to how YOU feel in a new relationship

When you’re romantically involved with a sociopath, sooner or later your entire relationship falls apart. The level of destruction may differ, but the bottom line is the same for all of these involvements: There never was a relationship — everything you thought you had was built on lies.

You’re devastated. But if you follow Lovefraud’s advice and allow yourself sufficient time to process and recover from the experience, eventually another opportunity for romance will come your way. Still, you may feel gun shy. You were completely deceived before. How can you be sure it won’t happen again?

The Lovefraud reader, “Slimone,” posted a comment recently that I believe is absolutely terrific advice for moving forward. It was directed … Read more

10 years of hope and heartbreak with a sociopathic woman, Part 3

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Trevor.” Read Part 1 and Part 2.

About two months into this and things seemed great with her. We went on a date and when we got back to my place she asked if I had noticed this old shipping crate that they used for decoration in the bar we had been to. I told her yes, and she asked if I seen one in my travels to get one for her as she had been looking for one for her home. I told her I happened to have a few in my flea market items and went to my shop to get her … Read more

Video: Why we mistakenly feel guilty when we’re abused by a sociopath

When Travis Vining was a young man, his sociopathic father murdered a man — one of four people he killed — and then manipulated Travis into helping him destroy evidence. For years after that, Travis experienced guilt and emotional pain that manifested as physical illnesses.

But that is in the past. Travis has overcome the experience and now helps others recover from their entanglements with sociopaths. In his upcoming webinar he’ll explain how to do it:

Self-forgiveness: Understanding and letting go of guilt
Presented by Travis Vining
Tuesday, August 14 • 8-9 pm ET • Read more

10 years of hope and heartbreak with a sociopathic woman, Part 2

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Trevor.” Read Part 1. Part 3 will be published tomorrow.

Needless to say, contact between us stopped for a long time. A year went by and one day I opened my e-mail and there was a letter from her. My father had passed away the week before and she had read it in the paper and was saying sorry for my loss and for all she had done. She added she hoped I didn’t hate her and that she missed us talking the way we once did. I fell for it. I replied and told her I didn’t hate her, that I missed her … Read more

10 years of hope and heartbreak with a sociopathic woman, Part 1

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Trevor.” This is Part 1 of 3. Part 2 will be published tomorrow.

I became involved over 10 years ago. We met while on a wine tour, she was with another man and he was with her on this tour. She approached me at the bar, asked me where my girlfriend was. I told her I didn’t have one at the time and asked her where the boyfriend was. She replied, I sent him to the bus so I could talk to you. I made an excuse to leave and did my best to ignore it the rest of the night. A few weeks later … Read more

Language habits to help me remember that my ex was abnormal

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Three years ago, Lovefraud posted a story that we received from a reader whom we called, “Maura.” Read it here: “After 30 years with a sociopath, she’s now having the time of her life.”  Maura is now about 70 years old and just sent Lovefraud an update. She included one of her recovery strategies, which she was graciously willing to share with Lovefraud readers.

I wanted you to know that I gave up on “being friends” with the ex, and on trying to rescue the other victim (the main one; I’m sure there were others I did not know about).

There have been many happy experiences in my new, free life. I am in a Read more

Laura Rubiales ND, LAc, joins the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide

Editor’s note: I am pleased to welcome Laura Rubiales, ND, LAc, to the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide. Dr. Rubiales is a doctor of naturopathy and a licensed acupuncturist.

What experience have you had dealing with sociopaths or other disordered personalities—personally, professionally, or both?

Unfortunately, I have dealt with sociopaths and other disordered personalities both personally and professionally. The field of medicine, along with many other professional fields where people have authority over others, seems to attract a high rate of narcissistic personality disorder. I also got conned by a sociopath presenting as my soul mate and I was deeply humbled by how well these characters can come across.

How do you go about helping clients who have tangled Read more

Pain as motivation for escaping the sociopath

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article entitled, How to overcome your addiction to sociopaths. In it, I offered three steps for changing a pattern of falling in love with sociopaths. The steps are:

  1.  No Contact with the current sociopath
  2. Do not date anyone for the time being
  3. Heal the vulnerabilities

The real work is in the third step — healing your vulnerabilities. What I suggest sounds somewhat like the good advice that we get on many topics, like:

  • Eat your vegetables
  • Make time for regular exercise
  • Cut down on sugar, carbs and alcohol
  • Get enough sleep

We all know we should do all these things, but do we do them? How often do we … Read more

Mary Ann Glynn, LCSW, to host free support group conference call on 7/29/18 at 5pm EST


  Experience the support of people who know!  Join our free support group Sunday, July 29, 2018 at 5 pm EST.  Go to and use the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page to state your interest in joining.  Do this every time even if you have joined us before!  We will reply to you with instructions to join the conference call.  It is anonymous and no personal information is displayed or shared.

Share your struggles, questions, get feedback and clarity from people who get it!  Hope to meet you there!… Read more

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