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He got everything he could from me, and then discarded me

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader whom we’ll call “Emilie18.”

While I was at work, my fiancé was coming in my home, packing up his stuff, preparing to ghost me

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Marjorie18.”

I was engaged for three years to a very handsome retired master sergeant in the Air Force. He had two boys the same age as my two boys. We lived together in my home until this Good Friday, March 30, 2018.

He had been moving things out of my house into a storage unit because after his divorce, naturally, he had a lot of stuff that he needed to store and most of that came to my house. He had several vehicles, including a car trailer full of stuff, and then my garage was full of his stuff. So when he started moving things into storage, it was under the guise of wanting to put a collectible car of his in my garage. So that did not seem odd to me.

Her daughter’s wedding should be a time of joy, but her ex is causing havoc

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from the reader who posts as “Elle.”

In 2014, my youngest daughter and I got a restraining order against my husband at the time due to violent rages and terrifying behavior he was exhibiting. Of course he would profess to our older 2 daughters he did nothing and we were lying … this is a man who NEVER took any responsibility for his behavior and was then and still is a pathological liar.

Letter to Lovefraud: I’m looking on POF, but I’m scared to move forward

A Lovefraud reader found this ad on POF.

Lovefraud received the following email from a reader who gives her pseudonym as “Erica.”

I’ve been in love with a sociopath for 5 and a half years. He lives in Portland and I live here in Vegas so that has been a great thing, however he still haunts me and I’m trying to move on so I’m enclosing a profile from an online dating site and I’d like to get your opinion of the things that he says. I’m scared to move forward because I’m scared that I’ll attract another one. I seem to be surrounded by narcissism and sociopathy and I’m tired and I’m scared and I lack trust to move forward. Donna please share my email on lovefraud.com so that I can get some feedback from other members.

LETTER TO LOVEFRAUD: Since this experience, I’ve been afraid to love again

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent by a Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Shania.” Names have been changed. My comments are at the end of the letter.

I’m a 20-year-old girl and I had an experience with a sociopath, or so I think he was one. This traumatic experience actually gave me post-traumatic stress disorder.

A few years ago, in my senior year of high school, I started to talk to this boy in my class named Mark. Everyone loved him; he was the most popular guy in my school. He was really good at talking to people, had the charm, very funny, always knew what to say.

Translating a sociopath’s text message as he attempts to hoover back his ex-wife

Editor’s note: The following article was sent to Lovefraud by a reader whom we’ll call “Maura.”

My friend Annie was sent this text from her sociopathic ex. Three and half years ago, he abandoned her and their sons after a 17-year marriage. No doubt other readers have had similar hoover texts, and either ignored them or fell for them.

For entertainment and education purposes, we’ve analysed his standard manipulative ploys and use of charm to break down her defences and weasel his foot in the door. On the surface his text seems contrite and genuine enough. However, he is a sociopath who will do and say anything to lure her back in. The bottom line — it is all a con and he wants to exert control and hurt her further. He cannot change and any attempt to change will be very short lived.

Why didn’t his family warn me?

I want to express my deepest appreciation and thanks for this site. I have questions for which I can’t find answers. Admittedly I’m new to this forum and I’m sure my story isn’t unique as I’ve read MY story over and over LOL! I’m clearly among my peeps. I say that with humor and with heartache because my family and friends do not understand my situation by no fault of their own. 1- having never been exposed to a sociopath their advice was based on a normal relationship. And 2- I didn’t share most of what happened out of embarrassment.

Sociopathic Behavior Was Trained Into Me

Editor’s note: The following article was written by the Lovefraud reader acetiger01.

Reverting back to the child self

Are these warning signs that I’m involved with a sociopath?

Editor’s Note: Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader whom we’ll call “Cassandra18.”

I’ve been a longtime reader of your website and wanted to thank you for what a valuable tool it is. I figured, I’d finally write in with a question of my own and I was hoping for some feedback from you.

So, the thing is, I have a propensity to date very selfish, controlling people and two of my past relationships have been with verifiable sociopaths.

Most recently, I have been in and out of a relationship with a man I used to work with. Something keeps telling me that something is off about him but I can’t pinpoint it.

A warning letter to the next victim from the third ‘psycho’ wife

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Yesterday Lovefraud posted a story from a woman in Australia whom we’ll call “Shawna18.” Read it here: I left the sociopath once I had everything back he stole from me and humiliated me in the process. She also wrote a letter to the next victim.

“After 3 years of no contact I decided against all advice from the professionals to warn the new victim,” Shawna18 says. “It doesn’t matter if she believes me or not, what matters is that if I planted a seed of doubt, then I will have done my job, unlike all the other women who knew him and didn’t have the balls to warn me about him.”

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