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BOOK REVIEW: The Gaslight Effect Redux

It’s amazing how people can have differing opinions of the same book. Last May, the Lovefraud Reader Ox Drover wrote a review of The Gaslight Effect, by Dr. Robin Stern. I am always on the lookout for books that will help readers understand, and recover from, a traumatic entanglement with a sociopath. Because Oxy was so complimentary about The Gaslight Effect, I was anxious to read it, and possibly recommend it to others.

Well, I read the book, but I’m not sure I can recommend it.

Oxy did point out that Dr. Stern never mentions the word, “sociopath,” referring to the perpetrator as the “gaslighter,” and the victim as the “gaslightee.” Although Oxy was willing to … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: The 48 Laws of Power


By Ox Drover

Many times on Lovefraud, bloggers have joked with me that a particular phrase or behavior “came out of the ”˜Psychopath’s play book,’“ the kind of book in which a football team would write all their usual plays.

I recently bought a book entitled, The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene, because it sounded like an interesting book. But the more I got into it, I realized that the heretofore-thought-mythical “Psychopathic Play book” does exist, and this is it!

Robert Greene, by the way, also wrote The Art of Seduction.

Here’s what the jacket blurb on the back of The 48 Laws of Power says about its content:

The best-selling book for

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Donna Andersen’s victory is our victory too

By Thomas

Donna Andersen’s ”˜Love Fraud, How Marriage to a Sociopath Fulfilled My Spiritual Plan’ is the third book in the last year I have read on sociopaths. Compared to the previous two it is not written by an academic, but rather by a victim of a sociopath.

The book is very well written for a first book, and the fictional style of writing, coupled with the matter-of-fact narrative makes it highly readable. Many of the people who would of have bought this book in the immediate aftermath of publication would have been refugees from Planet Sociopath themselves and much of the antics and personality traits of James Montgomery will strike a powerful resonance within them in regards … Read more

Love Fraud: A guide to taking back our lives

By Kathleen Hawk, author of the After the Sociopath: How Do We Heal? series on Lovefraud.

Donna Andersen is living proof that even the most successful, confident and assertive people can get emotionally entangled with a dangerous predator. Her story is a textbook case of how a professional con man can seduce his victim by offering her the dreams she has not yet achieved by herself. And then ups the ante of what she has to pay until the relationship becomes not just expensive, but destructive and toxic.

But this book is not about being a victim, but about being a victor. It covers three main topics. First the awful relationship, which followed a pattern that is familiar … Read more

Love Fraud: An inspiration to anyone who has been targeted by a sociopath

By ErinBrock

Get the book, get the book, get the book!!!!!!!

LOVE FRAUD: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, by Donna Andersen, is a must read for anyone left in pieces after a toxic relationship involving a sociopath. Survivors of sociopathic relationships are left wondering, “How did I get here?” and “Where do I go from here?” Donna’s book will give you insight into finding these answers and provide the inspiration to know ”¦”¦ it’s not over until the “fat” lady sings.

We can survive; we will recover! Trust the plan.

Donna Andersen is an inspiration to anyone who has been targeted by a sociopath. Follow Donna’s story and you will be compelled to pick … Read more

Love Fraud: A gift to all survivors of sociopaths

Editor’s note: The following is a review of “Love Fraud – How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan,” by Donna Andersen

By Matt

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes just one woman to bring down a sociopath. And Donna Andersen became a one-woman wrecking crew when she set out to seek justice against her sociopathic ex-husband, James Montgomery. Ms. Andersen has written a riveting story of her simultaneous journeys seeking justice against Montgomery, and inner peace from the havoc he wreaked in her life.

Ms. Andersen was forced — by both internal and external facts and circumstances — to pursue two very separate yet intertwined paths. The first path was … Read more

Helpful books for people being stalked

By Ox Drover

Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg, an educator holds the “world’s record” with the FBI  for being seriously stalked for the longest time—forty years!—by a combination of her first and second husbands, who brutally beat her and almost killed her. Even after 17 years in a mental institution for the dangerously insane, her first husband, who had written her letters every day of his incarceration, came after her again, and found her.

Dr. Meinberg’s book promotion says:

Research now tells us that one in twelve women in the USA, and a growing number of men, will be stalked at some time in their lives. Over one and a half million adults are stalked annually, with the vast

Read more

Love Fraud: I read through the night – I couldn’t put it down

By Ox Drover

Donna Andersen, a successful journalist from New Jersey, who is the author of the site and blog, has written a book about her life experiences, both before and after her marriage to James Montgomery, who she believes fits the profile of sociopath (psychopath). Donna’s  journalism degree from Syracuse University and her experience as editor of Atlantic City Magazine contribute to the readability of this book, called Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

The day I received my copy of the advance uncorrected proof of this book, I was entirely excited and rushed from the mail box to my favorite chair and perched there the entire night ”¦ that’s right, I … Read more

Love Fraud is a new classic on sociopathy

By Steve Becker, LCSW

Steve Becker, LCSW, profile on the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide.

In Love Fraud: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, Donna Andersen has written the most compelling nonfiction account of a relationship with a sociopath I’ve ever come across.

In her Introduction, Andersen is careful to assert as “opinion,” rather than fact, that her ex-husband, James Montgomery—her central, but by no means only—subject in the book, is a sociopath. From my careful reading of Love Fraud, I’d suggest no such qualification is needed: Montgomery seems to me to embody the classic sociopath perfectly.

This book is many things: it is, first of all, a flat-out “page-turner,” meaning it will … Read more

Love Fraud: A courageous work helps readers comprehend the reality of sociopaths in our midst

By Fannie LeFlore, MS, LPC, CADC-D

Fannie LeFlore profile in the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide

Habitual liars and cheaters, con artists and swindlers are extremely self-centered and controlling people. They focus on manipulating other people simply as a way of life, for their own benefit.

People like Donna Andersen clearly know what this kind of evil looks like. They know because they once trusted people who turned out to be sociopaths—people who deceived them intentionally, who took from them both tangible and intangible things of value, through encounters in romantic, familial or business relationships, whether over a period of hours, days, weeks, months or years.

Now, with the publication of her new book, Love Fraud: How marriage to Read more

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