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Before I felt angry, now I feel sad – I need advice

LETTERS LOGO 2Editor’s notes: Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader who posts as “Kaki Pants.”

I just came out of a relationship, a year long relationship, which I think the guy might be a psychopath after telling the whole story to my male friends, female friends never would have thought he could be a psycho btw. Men and women think very differently.

So I met this guy a year ago, last April through an online dating app. We met for several times, dinners, lunches, coffees, I took it slow, cuz I didn’t want to get myself attached too soon before knowing who this guy really is. Obviously, I didn’t take it slow enough in the end.

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Why her happy marriage did not exist

overcoming numbness


Lovefraud received the following letter from a reader:

I was not in a disastrous relationship with my S. Our relationship was less than three years, our marriage less than two when he openly cheated and decided to leave me, then played games of false reconciliation, which in hindsight were so he could have two sex partners.

The short end of my question is ”¦ How do you reconcile the basically happy marriage, the illusion of a man you married with the horrible monster he has become in trying to create turmoil in your life and use your greatest love (your child) to hurt you?

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Woman allegedly shoots boyfriend, tells cops ‘Don’t worry about it’

IMG_0067Paula Lynn Hobbs, 51, or Orlando, Florida, has a history of forgery, fraud, theft and battery. She spent seven years in prison. Now, she has been charged with murder.

She is accused of shooting her boyfriend, Everett Leslie Humble, 63. A passer-by saw his unresponsive body on the porch of their apartment and called police.

Woman facing murder charges asks Orlando cops to ‘Tell me he is dead,’ on OrlandoSentinel.com.



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New Lovefraud CE education site coming soon!

Middle-aged thoughtful woman using laptop at homeBig changes are coming for Lovefraud Continuing Education. We’re in the process of moving to a new course delivery platform, one that will be much easier to navigate and offer more advanced features.

Browsing and registering for courses will be much easier. And, every course will include a forum. You’ll be able to discuss the information and ask questions of the instructor and other learners, during the course and afterwards.

The new platform is extremely flexible and robust. Lovefraud instructors will be able to design just about any format we can think of, so we’ll be able to offer you information in a variety of formats.

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Study says kids do better with fathers in the home – but doesn’t mention sociopathic fathers

Boy crying while sitting on the stairsResearchers at the London School of Economics say that children born to a single mother have better health, intelligence and social skills when their biological father lives with them.

Kids fare no better if a stepfather joins the family than they would if their mother stayed alone.

Many studies claim to “prove” that kids are better off when they live with both their mother and father. Unfortunately, these studies rarely determine if the father is disordered.

As Dr. Liane Leedom explains, living with a disordered parent is not good for kids at all. In fact, these kids can be seriously damaged.

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Teacher Tad Cummins, 50, allegedly romances and abducts his student, 15

Tad Cummins is accused of kidnapping his student.

Tad Cummins is accused of kidnapping his student.

Tennessee authorities are searching for Elizabeth Thomas, 15, who they believed was kidnapped by her teacher, Tad Cummins, 50, on March 13.

Brent Cooper, district attorney for Maury County, Tennessee, says the two exchanged “romantic” and “troubling” emails.

The Thomas family attorney, Jason Whitley, said Elizabeth “is under his spell, and she is being controlled by him,” according to ABC News.

Authorities also said Cummings was researching “teen marriage” shortly before the two of them disappeared.

Teacher visited teen’s workplace days before alleged kid napping, sister says, on ABCNews.go.com.


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Game theory and the sociopath

Man Behind Bars

Shock. Total disbelief. Utter incomprehension. That’s what we feel upon finally realizing that when the sociopath cheated on us, blew through our money, twisted our emotions and messed with our minds, to him or her it was all just a sick, depraved game.

Sociopaths do not form emotional connections with other human beings. They do not experience love. They do not feel honor, altruism or concern for others. The words they speak and the actions they take have only one objective: getting what they want. To them, life is a game, and they want to win.

By March 20, 2017 6 Comments

Making meaning of your betrayal by a sociopath

Woman with arms raised at sunset on the beachWhen we realize that we’ve been involved with a sociopath, and that person has callously betrayed us, we inevitably ask, “Why? Why did this happen to me?”

To help find the answer, one of the books that Lovefraud recommends is The Betrayal Bond—Breaking Free of Exploitive Relationships, by Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D. The book explains the deep psychological wounds caused by trauma, and offers a way for us to identify and overcome abusive relationships that we may have experienced.

When I read the book, I was struck by what Carnes wrote on page 68:

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Texas woman discovers her fiance is a con man and calls off wedding

Brett Joseph and Stephanie Hoskins

Brett Joseph and Stephanie Hoskins

Stephanie Hoskins, 23, was set to marry Brett Goodman, a wealthy oil worker from Australia, on March 31. Luckily, before she tied the knot, she discovered her fiancé was not who he claimed to be.

His real name is Brett Joseph, he’s an unemployed con man and love rat who defrauded dozens of women back in Australia.

Stephanie cancelled the wedding.

Texas woman calls off her wedding after discovering her fiancé is a Tinder love rat accused of defrauding dozens of women overseas, on DailyMail.co.uk

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AP reveals alleged physical and emotional abuse in World of Faith Fellowship


Cult turn right

(Photo by Kevin Dooley)

The Associated Press recently published an expose in which 43 former congregants of the World of Faith Fellowship religious sect, based in Spinsdale, North Carolina, claimed they were physically and emotionally abused in the church.

They were “regularly punched, smacked, choked, slammed to the floor or thrown through walls in a violent form of deliverance meant to ‘purify’ sinners by beating out devils,” AP wrote.

Two assistant prosecutors in North Carolina, who were ministers of the church, have been charged with sabotaging investigations into the secretive sect. They allegedly provided legal advice and participated in a mock trial for four congregants who were charged with harassing a former member.

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